Granite City , IL Report

10/13/2009     Midnight Abortions


Put on the full armor of God… as we go to war this day at our midpoint rally of the 40 days campaign.

Imported foot soldiers were unloading outside these gates of hell as we arrived with the Ultrasound Van. The weather was cold and rainy; perfect for battle along the trenches. We dug our heels in as Pastor Chris Comerford led in prayer. Abortion-bound mothers had not arrived yet. Excellent! We informed prayer warriors that we wanted to surround the “last lines of defense” for these little baby boys and girls with prayer, and get all prayed up as we take the enemy on and run right smack into him.  Ephesians 6:12-17. So we must be equipped. We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers of darkness, and spirits of wickedness.

So often in the church we have personally experienced the apathy when it comes to the issue of abortion. So many will use the excuse that abortion is a political issue to try and silence the body of Christ. The enemy has been pretty successful. But when believers really see abortion for what it really is and how evil and destructive its path is, they realize it’s a spiritual and moral issue at hand. And who better to take up arms and fight it but the Church of Jesus Christ? Arms being the breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit.

Payton and Jessica were battle maidens by far; they took on the abortion-bound mothers and accomplices by girding themselves with the truth. Point guards were strategically posted at all entrances to this deathcamp. Fr. Chris and a large remnant were situated on the front sidewalk. We successfully surrounded the deathcamp.

BAM! God was blessing our efforts and answering prayers. The trio we spoke with earlier came back out and confirmed they were keeping their baby. Amanda drove over to us and told us she was approximately 24 weeks pregnant. She accepted our literature, thanked us, and drove off. Thank you Jesus!


Prayer warriors prayed. Men counseled men sitting in their cars. In Christian love they spoke. One male driver came over and shook their hands and appreciated their efforts. He thought it was hopeless. The girl he brought was determined to kill their fourth child, but he knew the truth and had a lot to think about.

BAM! The older man wearing a large crucifix, who brought a young woman, came back out and put his hand in the air, VICTORY! The pregnant girl followed him. She called over, “We are keeping the baby.” A shout went out. Praise the Lord! They came over, accepted our literature, and thanked us on their way off the driveway.

Some from the youth group did a Jericho March around the deathcamp trying to keep warm. A woman in a pickup truck called over. She relayed a disturbing situation. She was trying to intervene and save her grandbaby, and described a pregnant girl and car. It was her son’s ex-girlfriend. She told us the specific time of her appointment. The time came and went and we continued praying. No girl, no car. The concerned mother told us the girl was the type that, “If she saw people outside the abortion clinic, she WOULD NOT go in.” Well, praise the Lord! We handed her literature to give to the pregnant girl when she located her. She thanked us and drove away.

The third couple who saved their baby drove by and gave us victory horn blows as they drove past us onto the interstate.

We then noticed a woman in a burgundy car talking to the point guards on the south side in the alley. A few minutes later, one prayer warrior came over, Jim, and told us that, “The woman who just drove off rolled her window down and began asking questions. She had been sitting across the parking lot watching us. She told me she had an appointment to kill her baby tonight. After seeing us praying, she couldn’t go inside there and do it. She wanted to let us know we saved a baby tonight.” Oh my, thank you God! Some of the prayer warriors wept. They had given her our literature before she drove off and she thanked them.

We gathered on the front walk. Fr. Chris gave a powerful closing prayer. The troops were so encouraged. They were standing a little taller as they walked to their vans. It was getting dark. We were the “frozen chozen” this night; over four and a half hours in the cold and rain. Does standing outside an abortion mill do any good? Just ask the four babies saved that we know of.


  “Thank You Lord for the ‘small victories’ this day and everyday. We know that the battle belongs to You, Lord. You are only asking that we show up for the war. Amen.”


Be encouraged ~Angela