Granite City , IL Report

10/17/2009                                                     DAY 25

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you...” Jeremiah 1:4-5

On this first sunny morning after a week of gloomy cold, rain, the sunshine felt great as we set up our outreach to abortion-bound mothers. Foot soldiers from all corners were arriving and our numbers were swelling. Various Right to Life groups and Bound for Life prayer warriors joined our ranks this day.

An abortion-bound mother came over to our van seeking an ultrasound. Before she came inside, she began telling us she was there to abort. She already had one child, a four year old daughter. Before we could scan, her phone rang…it was her mother. She hung up and announced, “My mom would whoop me if she knew I was getting an abortion.” She then turned and began walking towards the abortion mill entrance. We begged and pleaded. The escorts briskly escorted her inside. Once she was in, they laughed. “Is this all the deathscorts can help pregnant women with?”

I wondered if this were a “puppy mill” would a dog’s life matter? You see, the culture of death has disheartenedly desensitized and devalued human life to the point our society readily just accepts abortion as commonplace. I wonder if we had a platform in the middle of the town square and stood Black Americans up on it with prices on them, would there be an outcry? Well, society is basically doing the same to the unborn. Any realtor will tell you that location determines the worth. The same can be applied to babies in the womb. Former President Ronald Reagan had a great saying: “I’ve noticed that everyone for abortion has already been born.” Kinda hypocritical isn’t it?

A couple we spoke with earlier came back out, confirmed they were keeping their baby, and drove off the lot. About the same time, Treban walked over to us. He was there to pick up baby supplies and formula we had promised him the night before. He shared his tearful story of how his girlfriend was talked out of abortion months ago. But just last week she showed up at his house and handed his 1 month old son, Anthony James, and his birth certificate to Treban. “I don’t want him no more and I don’t want anything to do with you,” and she walked out of both of their lives.


Treban is a single parent raising his son. We encouraged him over the phone and promised to help with supplies and support. It’s rare to see men take responsibility in this day and age. His mother and aunt will also help out. He embraced us as we placed the essentials in his car. He was overwhelmed with the love he felt from total strangers and promised to keep in touch.

As they drove off, a young girl and two boys walked over to us and asked about seeing an ultrasound. We brought the girl inside. Michelle viewed an approx 6 week old baby on the screen auditioning for its life. Her boyfriend came inside and rejoiced to see his baby floating in an ocean of amniotic fluid. We went over physician follow-up and resources. They exited the van and shared with the prayer warriors on the front sidewalk the good news; everyone was encouraged! They thanked us as they left.


Two saves from the past month arrived at the same time. Tiffany pulled up with her family and we began loading her vehicles with much needed baby supplies. She was so happy. Last time we met she was 18 weeks pregnant and going inside to abort her little boy. We talked her out of it in tears and promised to help her with support and supplies. She thanked us and hugged us as she left.


Amber came inside the van where she handed us her 1 week old baby girl, “Mariah,” saved a few months ago from this Hope(less) abortion mill. I was overcome with emotion as I remembered the day her mother walked inside the abortion mill and I fell to my knees praying she would not go through with it. She came back out and inside our van to view her 8 week old baby I was now embracing this day. She was a beauty.

Through my tears this morning I whispered how much I had been waiting to meet her and hold her and how much we loved her. Baby Mariah opened up her eyes as if she understood what I was whispering. I nuzzled her and told God, “Thank You Lord.” We helped her mother with clothing and a few supplies and walked her to her car.

This was a very good day. We were humbled and honored to be able to stand in the gap and see and hold some of the fruits of our labors this morning and encouraged others to keep up the good work. God is smiling. Only Day 25 and we’ve witnessed 38 babies saved in Granite City , Illinois .


Be encouraged ~Angela