Granite City , IL Report

10/20/2009                                                     DAY 28

We overcome evil by doing good. Today’s intention focuses on the conversion of abortion workers. We pray not only for those seeking to kill their children, but also those who intentionally take life. We know God answers prayers in His time. We have been blessed to witness any conversions inside this mill, dubiously titled “Hope”. We realize the only true hope is through Jesus Christ. Our prayer is to cease doing what is called evil, learn to do good, to always seek justice, to rebuke the oppressor, defend the fatherless, and plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:16-17.

This afternoon as we stood in the gap, it was the beginning of “midnight abortions”. They begin around 2:00 pm and go into the night, sometimes up until midnight. A camera crew met us and followed our ministry this day. As soon as we prayed and set up, God began blessing us with fruit. Rosary warriors were on the front walk praying.

We tried offering another option to the threesome of Black American women sitting in their car from Kentucky . The older passenger began cursing our efforts. We did what God told us to do: defend the fatherless. “You can never stand before God and say you were not warned.” Only God can change hearts.


We went on and a young girl was walking towards our van. “Can we help you?” We brought her inside the ultrasound van. To her delight, she viewed an approx 18 week old baby girl. We went over resources and follow-up and gave her a few little girl outfits and supplies to get her started. She was so happy!


Upon exiting the van, we saw Judy speaking with a mom and daughter who were going in. The sister, Andrea, got out and explained what was happening. She was not supportive of what her baby sister was about to do. She stood with us the rest of the afternoon praying and hoping her sister would come back out. She shared what a blessing her little 10 month old was and how hard it was for her to get pregnant. She tried to convince her sister along the ride, but to no avail.

We witnessed a young Black American woman walking towards the abortion mill entrance with two young children in tow. We offered to help them and pointed to the van; she came inside. After introductions, we let her little boy help us do the ultrasound. With much glee, he squeezed the ultrasound gel on his momma’s belly, where to her surprise they viewed an approx 25 week old baby boy. She was a little shocked to be so advanced.

We went over resources and several views of the baby auditioning on the screen. She promised she would not go in the abortion mill and was going to keep the baby. Her son, 3 year old Robert, gave me the biggest hug and whispered, “Can I come back?” “Absolutely!” I hugged him back. We gave their mother some lunch money for herself and the two children. Daniel walked them to the bus stop.

Defend the orphans and widows…God’s Word through the prophet Isaiah is as relevant today as it was centuries ago.

Another young mother came inside our van to view her baby auditioning on the ultrasound screen. We gave her some baby supplies and went over resources and doctor follow-up. She hugged and thanked us as she left.

Abortionist Allen Palmer from Missouri slowly drove his mini cooper with Ohio plates into the abortion mill garage so as not to be noticed. Yogendra Shah was out-of-town again; maybe the NAF awards in Colorado . We are praying for his conversion. Instead of destroying life, he can be bringing life into the world.

Throughout the late afternoon, another baby was saved and another ultrasound performed. Praise God! We are not discouraged! “Lord, You see it all, and You will deal with the evildoers.” We overcome evil by doing good.

Thomas Jefferson said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just and His justice will not sleep forever.”

May God’s grace help us to continue the fight in defending the right to life and in our work for the born and the unborn. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


Be encouraged ~Angela