Granite City , IL Report


We were joined by new prayer warriors this day. Notably, the killing numbers were up; it was the weekend. As we started praying, we were interrupted with the moaning and wailing of a young mother across the street who just walked out of the emergency room. “He’s dead!” she screamed. “He’s dead!” and she collapsed on the walkway. We ran over to see if we could help.

“Brittney” told me with tears pouring from her eyes that she found her 3 month old baby boy not breathing with his blanket wrapped around his head in his crib this morning. I held her as she sobbed. Her father was emotional and tears were running down his face. He said he tried CPR on the baby and the little boy “Zane” held onto his grandpa’s hand but kept turning blue. They rushed him to the hospital across the street from Hope Clinic.

I told her to, “Go back inside and tell them not to give up and do everything they can to resuscitate this baby.” Her father yelled, “Yes! Go inside and tell them not to give up!” They ran back inside the emergency room.

Stan and I prayed for this little one. “Lord, we need You. You work miracles. Lord, we are asking for one now. Please save this little boy. Comfort this family. Bind up these murderous spirits in Granite City that seem to roam to and fro. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

We returned and shared with the prayer group the difficult situation and began our vigil. Two Black American women from Missouri came back outside, confirmed they were keeping their baby, and drove off the lot. PTL! We kept praying and softly speaking to the mothers walking inside, offering them free help and another option.

A Black American couple from Missouri came back out, walked over, and accepted our literature. They confirmed they, too, were keeping their baby and drove off the lot. A young couple came back out and accepted the literature from Daniel. Andy and Maria confirmed they were 8 weeks pregnant and keeping their baby. They thanked us for being here.

Babies are being killed on one side of the street, and on the other side real doctors and nurses work feverishly to save babies’ lives.

“The greatest destroyer of peace…Abortion is the killer of peace in the world…because if a mother can destroy her own child what is left for others but to kill each other? There is nothing to prevent them.”~ Mother Teresa 

            Be encouraged ~Angela