Granite City , IL Report

10/22/2009                                                     DAY 30

“Children are a gift from God…the fruit of the womb, His reward.” Psalm 127.  This scripture was really blessing us this day as we arrived, set up our pregnancy outreach, and met up with our prayer warriors this day. What an awesome sight! The safest place to be for a baby in the womb this day was GRANITE CITY . Hope abortion mill was CLOSED!!! The chief abortionist, Yogendra Shah, took yet another holiday. Praise God!


We gathered on the front sidewalk and there were so many of us; the drive-bys took notice. There were a few honks of support as the rain drops began falling. We began in prayers of thankfulness and worship of our Lord for making this a dead baby free zone for this day.

We helped a struggling mother of two toddlers and one umbrella trying to cross traffic to get to the hospital across from the abortion mill. She thanked us for coverage. Monsignor Steffen arrived with reinforcements and prayed prayers for a reverence of life as the skies really opened up. We received word that a SV save was in labor across the street. A baby scheduled to die was being brought into the world as we prayed. Thank you Jesus.

Our 40 Days for Life prayer this day: “Open my eyes to Your presence in the life of every child. Open my heart to the joy in the birth of every child.” Oh how true! “Every child born into the world is full of endless possibilities.” If only I could take that joy and place it in the heart of every woman contemplating ending the life in her womb. That is why we stand in service. We may only have three minutes to do so, but we try.

Lord, as You shared life in the womb of Mary, Your mother, so now send Your protection upon every child in the womb and grant their mothers the strength and joy that comes from welcoming the gift of life. Give them peace Lord. Let them feel secure in knowing that being a mother is the greatest and noblest reward here on earth.

After all, where would we be if Mary and Joseph were pro-choice? It’s not about “presents”; it’s about presence. Thank You Lord, that You make everyday outside this abortion mill our business. In Jesus’ name we pray.


Be encouraged ~Angela


P.S. Later that afternoon baby Amelia, 7 lbs.1 oz., made her debut.