Granite City , IL Report

10/27/2009                                                     DAY 35

“Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven and whose sin is covered.” Romans 4:7.

There is no sin that our God cannot forgive, even as evil as premeditated murder is. God covers it all. If we truly repent and call upon His name, He can wash a sinner as white as snow. Many women regret their abortion; many in the death merchant trade regret making blood money off a woman’s “choice.”

We try and convey this to the mothers after their abortions and to the workers of iniquity when given the chance. But God cannot keep tolerating the deliberate shedding of innocent blood. There are many men and women sitting in the pews who have been affected by abortion and are suffering in silence with a scarlet “A” emblazoned on their chest. Most pastors don’t want to address the sin of abortion or the impact it has had on society. Yet, it is like a cancer in the church, holding mothers in bondage and giving victory to the enemy. We are minimizing Christ’s work on the Cross as insufficient when we don’t convey true repentance, God’s forgiveness, healing, and restoration.

Today was midnight abortions. They begin late in the afternoon and go sometimes until midnight. The weather was reflective of the mood outside this deathcamp. How God’s heart is breaking with every baby being led to their slaughter. “His eyes are pouring tears from the skies,” we thought. Abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices who brought them ran past us to get inside the slaughterhouse out of the dreadful weather.

As watchmen on the wall we stood for hours pleading mercy for their unborn babies, to no avail. It was trying as we tried softly speaking to the abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices and keeping our literature dry as we handed it out. During our watch we saw none turn away.

 “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of Your hands.” Psalm 138:8.     


Be encouraged ~Angela