Granite City , IL Report

10/28/2009                                                     DAY 36

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17.

“Choice” used to mean vanilla or chocolate, lead or unleaded. Now it means murder. A lot of abortion-bound mothers will tell us they have a right or that God gave them a “free will.” This is how Satan, the father of lies, dupes women. Yes, God gives us a free will, but the Spirit gives us the freedom to do what is right.

Many, many women tell us how much they wish someone would have been outside the abortion clinic that day they decided to go in; maybe things would have turned out differently. They also tell us how they regret their abortions and the bondage they live in. Proponents would have women believe abortion sets them free from the appendages they carry. To the contrary, it holds them in a silent depression. Some turn to drugs, alcohol, bad relationships, or all of the above to try and forget.

Being a beacon of light where darkness thrives is real HOPE. By standing in the gap, not only for the babies scheduled to be slaughtered this day, we are there for their mothers also. We take the veil off the deception of abortion and empower women to have true freedom in doing what is righteous. Abortion was built on a lie and continues to surround itself with lies.

It was another day of cold and drizzle as we stood in prayer and occasionally softly offered abortion-bound women another way out of the situation. Praise God some were listening and stayed the scheduled execution of their innocent babies.

A mom and daughter from Missouri came back out, accepted our literature, confirmed they were keeping their 7 week old baby, and drove off the lot.

We intercepted a young Illinois couple behind the mill. They accepted our brochure and did not go through with the scheduled abortion, thanked us, and left.

Unfortunately, there were over 14 cars from Missouri , this abortion mill’s biggest customer. The other out-of-states had been there for two days. We are witnessing more and more further advanced terminations. Sad…


            Be encouraged ~Angela