Granite City , IL Report

10/31/2009                                                     DAY 39

“Praise is due You, O God…”  Psalm 65:1.

As we gathered for our daily vigil and reflected on the last 39 days of fasting and prayer, we had many reasons for rejoicing. Fr. Chris led in prayer as the prayer warriors’ numbers swelled on this “All Hallows Eve”. Only three ghouls (deathscorts) swooped over the cars as they began pouring onto the parking lot. Several were from the day before, late-term. Still, we softly pleaded with the abortion-bound mothers, “It’s not too late!” 


One couple came back out and confirmed they were keeping their baby. We walked them to their car. Praise God!

Today’s intention speaks on the miracles and victories we have witnessed thus far during this Fall campaign. We thanked and encouraged everyone for their prayers and faithfulness. We shared how during these 40 Days the attacks were unbelievable! One day we were taking so much incoming from all sides; we looked to the heavenlies and proclaimed, “We must be on target!” to be getting so many darts from all sides. We thought, “If we were not getting attacked, well, we must not be much of a target for Satan.” But God has carried us through all of them and He will carry us through more. This is our hope and our victory! Let us encourage others.

A couple of girls from Missouri came out, took our brochure, and thanked us. They were, “Glad you all were there.”

Brittney from Illinois came inside our ultrasound van while warriors prayed. There she saw real hope dancing on the screen: a beautiful 23 week old baby boy auditioning for his life. We went over resources and follow-up instructions, and let her pick from the colorful bags of baby supplies for a boy to take home with her. She thanked us as we walked her to her car.

Katie, a proclaimer, wept tears of joy while we were inside the van. She shared her emotions as we returned and filled prayer warriors in on the rescue of this baby boy. Alleluia! 

We rejoiced with the 53 little miracles, including a set of twins, that to date have been saved. We rejoice in the hope of finding the perfect couple to adopt a baby saved from this abortion mill of those 53 saved babies. We rejoice in the 5 conversions we witnessed during this Fall campaign, and for many more to come out of the baby killing business. Let these victories give hope to others that a prayerful, silent witness does make a difference, and that you can save lives; just ask the 53 babies rescued in Granite City over these past 39 days…

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.”- S. Kierkengaard

 Be encouraged ~Angela