Granite City , IL Report


9/26/2009                                        “Let justice roll...” Amos 5:24



Our numbers swelled throughout the morning prayerfully standing in the gap. The sidewalk counselors tried to keep pace with the many abortion-bound mothers walking towards the entrances of death. Only on Saturdays do we encounter “death”scorts, those who try to thwart any efforts to save lives. They escort mothers inside and babies to their deaths. We prayed for justice this day. Wherever oppression and injustice exist we must expose and stand against it. One of the deathscorts is also a nurse who works with children over in St. Louis . What hypocrisy! How God’s heart must grieve. Those in the medical profession are sworn to oaths to preserve and protect lives.

As we witness more babies being killed, and especially from the Black American family, let our prayer be, “Lord, let those who see the many prayer warriors standing and witnessing on behalf of their condemned innocent children fall under conviction. Prick their consciences, touch their hearts, and remove the scales from their eyes as to what they are about to do to their seed.

“Let those who aid and abed, those abortion workers who assist, and the abortionist who carries out the premeditated murders of innocent babies fall under conviction of the Holocaust they are apart of in our nation. Let them hear the cries, Genesis 4:10. Innocent blood has a voice and that voice cries out for justice. Let his community be made aware of the atrocities taking place in their city and wake them up from their years of slumber and denial by our powerful, constant witness outside these gates of hell.”

Is it any wonder why we witness much more senseless violence in our streets on the evening news when we allow society to sow so much senseless violence in the womb? We are reaping what we allow to be sown. “Touch them, Lord, as You have touched us, and let them see the sanctity and preciousness each life holds and the endless possibilities endeared to every child born.”

It is our business to be about our little brothers’ and sisters’ business in the womb. Are we not our brother’s keeper? Should we not lay our lives down for one another? Our motto should be: “Let’s get busy!”


Throughout the morning three precious babies were confirmed saved by sidewalk counselors. We also received word two employees have since been terminated from this abortion mill in the past week: a nurse and a student social worker.

Be encouraged ~Angela