Granite City , IL Report


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…


Midnight abortions were getting underway as we silently stood in the gap for the least of these. Earlier, our day began delivering God’s mail outside a national ranking top ten hospital over in St. Louis Missouri , where the oppressed are being aborted and those whom we trust to care for our well being and keep us healthy are being taught to destroy. So our intentions and reflections for Day 7 of the 40 Days vigil were very appropriate to the prayer warriors.

Just our silent presence lets the abortion-bound mothers know someone cares; there is a witness. “Maybe this is wrong. It does not feel right.” Abortion workers come under conviction. One former medical aide confessed after she left this mill, “When you all were out there, we were quaking inside. Your presence made tensions rise and nerves come unglued. Nobody was having a good day when the anti’s showed up.”  It also made clients cancel appointments due to the high visibility of what they were about to do. Through the years, we have had women return to the abortion mill just to let us know that, “A baby was saved because you all were out there.” Praise God!

Let our vigil liberate the captives. Unfortunately, the womb has far too often become a tomb for the innocent; they are enslaved by their mothers to whom their very lives have been entrusted too, and disheartenedly, abortion-bound mothers are raising their swords against.

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life commented that when we pray outside the abortion mill it bears a witness to the mothers, the workers, and the community. At first glance the neighborhood looks nice, the building appears attractive, but the facade comes down when we stand. The ugliness and truth of what is happening behind closed doors is uncovered. And it’s not a pretty picture. This is part of what exposing evil is all about. You have to draw a line in the sand. Which side will you stand on?

It was a slow afternoon inside Hope abortion mill. Daniel confirmed there was one couple from Missouri who came back out, accepted literature, saved their baby, and drove off the lot.

With unfailing faith and zeal, prayer and vigilance, we can remove the scourge of abortion on our land and restore the right to life for those without a voice that cannot speak for themselves.  


Be encouraged ~Angela