Granite City , IL Report


Go and do likewise…

             Christian lepers…so often we have been treated and referred to as such in our Christian community by others, especially Christians, when it comes to taking a strong stand against abortion.

In today’s reflection scripture speaks of the Good Samaritan. As we stand in unity with others across the nation for the unborn, we think of the parable when the Samaritan showed mercy and did not ignore the injustice that befell a man from Jerusalem who was robbed, beaten, and left on the road for dead.

So too, this scenario can be applied to the injustice we witness each day against innocent babies scheduled to die. Shall we cross to the other side of the road and ignore their cries as the priest and Levite did as they passed on by as the man lie suffering?

Today, we answer their cries for justice. By silently praying and witnessing, we choose to be the Good Samaritan to our little neighbors and stand in their defense. Are we not our brothers’ keepers?

A young couple from Illinois came back out and gave Daniel a thumbs-up before they got in to their car. We met them in the alley and they confirmed they were keeping the baby and thanked us. Another couple of women from Missouri came back out and confirmed they were saving their baby.

A young woman from Cahokia , Illinois pulled into the street and asked if we could help her. She came into the ultrasound van, where to her surprise she viewed her 18 week old baby girl auditioning on the screen. “Thank you all for your help. I did not know there were people like you all out here.” Praise God!

Far too often people are more afraid of what others will see of them if they stop to help someone in need or are seen praying outside an abortion mill. We should be less worried of what others think and see and be more concerned of what God sees. Saying you’re pro-life does not save lives; doing pro-life does.

Give us the same heart, Lord, as the Good Samaritan who stopped to help this man. In standing up and speaking up for the unborn, let us not worry about what will happen to us if we act;  let us worry about what will happen if we don’t.

Be encouraged ~Angela