Granite City , IL Report


It was a crisp, fall morning as we set-up our outreach to the abortion-bound mothers. Many of the mothers sat in their cars listening to our pleas of mercy towards their babies. So many will regret this day. We tried to persuade them as they walked towards the entrance. You could tell they really did not want to go in there. Praise God, one mother and daughter from Illinois came back out, confirmed they were keeping their baby, and drove off the lot.   

Dehumanizing the unborn: In our intention this day we are reminded of the name games played in society when devaluing sacredness of life. This is how the abortion mill succeeds in selling child killing on demand.

Years ago, the abortion counseling staff informed me they don’t call it a baby or recognize a baby as a person or worthy, “Until the mother says it’s a baby.” That is why when selling the abortion to prospective clients, unborn babies are often referred to as a, “blob of tissue,” “fetus,” “blood clot,” or “problem,” and abortion is the only remedy. They don’t want the prospect to bond with or have feelings for the child within them. So the more distance between mother and unborn child, the better.

Desensitizing emotional feelings of nurturing or compassion seals the deal. That is why being a “Window to the Womb” right here at the very gates of hell is, well, pretty effective. When an abortion-bound mother can view that little life as early as three-four weeks on the ultrasound screen, they can see that little heartbeat flashing thump...thump...thump. They see a life; fingers, toes, count ’em all. It’s a baby! We then can introduce that little one basically “auditioning for its very life” to his or her mother. They begin the bonding between mother and child. They cannot go inside and kill that baby.

These unborn babies are precious. They are innocent made in God’s own image. Let us always come to their defense with affirming language. We don’t attend “fetal showers.” We don’t give our children “fetus food”. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was not “full of a blob of tissue.” It’s a baby. And when we stand where children are being degraded and massacred, we bring dignity to the least of these: our little brothers and sisters.

Abortion mills are not clinics. Clinics are where people go to get well and stay healthy. Abortion mills are where human life is taken and destroyed. These are verbal gymnastics where oppression is used on the vulnerable. And where there is oppression and injustice we must speak out! The tongue is powerful. We must use it rightly and in defense for the cause of life and justice.


Be encouraged ~Angela