Granite City , IL Report


In today’s intention: Being ambassadors for Christ is the abortion industry’s worst nightmare along with modern technology. Both are on a collision course with the future of child killing. Many times as we have stood daily, almost 17 years, outside this abortion mill in Granite City , we have witnessed not only the conversions of abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices, but also the workers inside the abortion mill by just our constant example.

Several former abortion workers have quit their jobs due to our witness in Granite City . Many leaders in the pro-life movement now, used to be on the other side. Former abortion providers have converted to saving lives because someone from the opposition personally touched them, which began their conversion. 

Miss Norma McCorvey, the Roe of the infamous Roe vs Wade decision, wrote of her journey from pro-abortion to pro-life because she was “Won by Love.” It is the love of Christ that wins the lost over. We have seen the damage yelling, screaming, and judging all in the name of Jesus has done. We have witnessed many babies’ deaths and pro-aborts that have dug their heels in even deeper due to radical religiosity.

Instead of screaming Jesus at them, we need to be Jesus to them. Yes, it is a very passionate subject, but scripture reinforces it was the compassion and love that Jesus displayed to his enemies and the lost that converted many.

I’m quite sure that Jesus never screamed at the adulterous woman at the well when confronted, in love, with her sin. That is the same mindset we as ambassadors of Christ need to apply to others: to love unconditionally those God seeks to get out of their bondage; to be fishers of men. “You find them and let God clean them.”

Today, we witnessed two mothers who saved their innocent babies, not because people were screaming at them, but because people cared enough to be Jesus to them. One mother came inside our ultrasound van and viewed her approx 20 week old baby girl auditioning for her life on the screen. She thanked us and we had two prayer warriors safely walk her back to her car. She said she, “…didn’t know there would be people out there that cared like you all.”

Years ago, a mother who was bringing three of her teenage daughters for abortions confronted me as I stood praying. She hated my guts. She wanted to “beat me up,” and she expressed that ever so kindly as she threw a lit cigarette in my face. I grabbed my Bible and followed her across the street where I pointed out scripture and listened to her plight.

After talking with her for some time, she calmed down and promised to return the following day. We arrived the next morning and she had brought one of her pregnant daughters.


We did an ultrasound, went over resources, and my husband Daniel placed several baby items, including a crib, in the trunk of their car and ended up being arrested in handcuffs for stepping on the hospital parking lot where their car was parked to load everything up. This was such a powerful witness to this woman and her daughters that they could not go through with their abortions and ended up keeping their babies.

Later, the woman cried tears of joy and whispered as she hugged me saying, “Angie, I never thought anyone could love us or anyone cared.” I responded, “Jesus loves you and so do I and we do care.” That is why God puts certain people across their paths. This woman, her daughters, and their babies are still a part of our lives as we watch them grow up.

Pray that God’s unconditional love will continue to flow through us to those who desperately need His saving grace or a touch this day. And may we see more converts.


Be encouraged ~Angela