Granite City , IL Report


“Before I formed you I knew you.” Psalm 139:13-16

Midnight abortions: Abortion-bound mothers began trickling inside this deathcamp. One couple came from Michigan . She was approx 28 weeks pregnant and very large. Her husband talked with us. They had two other kids and for some reason they had to kill this baby. She appeared over 7 months along; the father said the baby had one kidney.


We begged; we pleaded; we offered to take them across the street to get a second opinion and said, “You don’t kill a baby because he has one kidney. That baby can survive!” He went inside. Two hours into it, they never reappeared.

“Before I formed you, I knew you,” the Lord said in our 40 Days reflection. We meditated on that scripture and this distressing situation with just one late-term baby. God knows each and everyone of us. He knows every hair on each child’s head before they are born. He determines their destiny. Unfortunately, mothers have become property owners and they are their own gods. They get to determine who gets to live and who gets to die. They are playing God. It is the dismantling of the family and the demise of reverence for human life.

Awaken their hearts, Lord. Let them see the marvelous handiwork of God’s hands as He knit them in their mothers’ wombs. Let us always stand in defense of those who are smallest hidden in the secret place. Restore a mother’s womb as the safest place for an unborn child once again. In Jesus’ name we pray.

“Amanda” and her mother listened to our pleas. They came back out. She was 6 weeks pregnant and still in school. Her mother was set on the abortion. She told Daniel, “I don’t want to raise a baby.” “That’s okay. We will raise it for you. You don’t have to force her to abort this child. We can help.”

Judy and Daniel kept taking turns speaking to them. The girl took our literature and promised to call us to follow-up. She was happy. Her mother was still upset, but calmed down considerably after we assured her of resources, including adoption. “God has a plan. He has a plan for you to prosper. He only wants the best for you and your baby.” We walked them to their car and they drove off. Thank you Jesus!

We continued to pray for the Michigan couple and their baby, a conversion of hearts, and a stay of execution. God knows our names. He has written all our days in His book.


            Be encouraged ~Angela