Granite City , IL Report


In a deluge of cold, fall rain, babies were being saved and given a second chance outside this abortion mill. As soon as we arrived and set up, a young girl came over to our van. The 40 Days for Life team was praying in the alley. The girl had made several abortion mill entry attempts, but she was struggling. The male who brought her finally got out of the SUV and walked up to sign her inside. He went back to his car. She walked over to us and took us up on our offer to show her a free ultrasound. BAM!

As soon as we got inside, she began tearfully whispering that she was afraid of the man who brought her; he was violent and pressuring her to abort this baby. He has beaten her in the past. We quickly scanned; to her surprise she viewed through her tears a precious baby, approx 10 weeks, auditioning for its life on the screen. “We will help you if you need to stay where it’s safe.”

We went over resources and promised to go to court if we had to, to get an order of protection. She felt relief. We prayed and went over a strategy to explain why she could not go through with the abortion today. She felt her family would be supportive in welcoming this baby. She exchanged contact info and hugged and thanked us for being a “refuge”. She really did not want to kill this baby, but felt she had no other alternatives till she met people who cared. Praise God!

This is what 40 Days (and I like to attach 400 Days) is all about: being not only a voice for the voiceless, but a “refuge” for those who find themselves in a place they should not be.

Prayer warriors were shooting Molotov prayer cocktails at this cinderblock building where families were being destroyed.  

Another girl came out and confirmed she, too, was saving her baby, thanked us, and left. Everything on us was full of water. I thought a goldfish or two would pour out of my shoe along with the rain water from the morning’s vigil. More perks of witnessing J yahoo!


            Be encouraged ~Angela