Granite City , IL Report


There is a God and it is not me…how often are we reminded of the little gods we deal with daily witnessing for Life outside the abortion mill. Many abortion-bound mothers think they are their own gods as they choose who gets to live and who gets to die by playing God.

Our reflection this day echoes that God alone has dominion over human life. I’m afraid why so many in leadership or church authority will not openly condemn abortion or speak about it in their church is because of the little god in their back pocket. God alone owns us according to 1 Corinthians 6. Many abortionists and aborting mothers act like slave owners when it comes to unborn babies. Little boys and girls are treated like property, to be killed at their whim; they determine the child’s destiny. As believers, the Christian Church cannot sit by idly when others can play God and declare that God is not God.

Through the pouring rain as soon as we arrived God was blessing our prayers. A young girl came over needing help. She came inside the ultrasound van and we were able to view her 5 week old baby on the ultrasound screen. We went over follow-up with doctor and resources, handed her some baby supplies, and walked her to her car in the rain. The demons were restless; every time a baby is saved, the devil goes on the warpath. Innocent blood is what sustains his empire.

An older male bringing a young girl attacked one of our prayer warriors. God was still in control. Police were called and eventually resolved the incident.

Praise the Lord! A young Illinois couple listened to our offers to help them in the driving rain. They sat in their car for a minute, then came over under our umbrella and we brought them inside our ultrasound van.

They had been crying and were upset. They admitted they just found out they were pregnant and were there for an abortion. The abortion mill did an ultrasound, but they did not let them see it. “Would you like to see your baby?” “Yes,” they responded. To their surprise we viewed a 24 week old baby girl auditioning for her life on the ultrasound screen. She was trying to impress them by sucking her thumb. The pregnant girl spoke up with tears in her eyes, “I used to suck my fingers as a baby.”

We counseled and both agreed it would be best if they placed this little one up for adoption. We went over protocol and types of adoptions; so much for them to consume in our short time together. We shared our baby daughter’s testimony of adoption. We went over physician follow-up and contact information to begin the adoption process. They were relieved; you could see the pressure and uneasiness fall off their shoulders. They were thankful we were there to help them. We prayed and hugged, then with umbrellas walked them to their car watching them drive off. If only more abortion-bound couples would give the ultimate gift of love: the gift of life and adoption instead of abortion.

Though the weather and demons worked against us, it was a great day. “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31.  Thank you Lord, as You worked through us today in defending human life and proclaiming to all the world that You alone are Lord of life and death.

Excerpts from Fr. Frank Pavone


            Be encouraged ~Angela