Granite City , IL Report


“Children are a heritage from the Lord...” Psalm 127

Today’s scripture blesses our ministry personally. So often we have had to contend with enemies at the gate. So many times those same enemies have been put to shame due to the fact that God blessed our quiver with an abundance of children. Like arrows put in the hand of a warrior, our children have been a blessing. Many times we have heard rude comments basically calling children a curse. To the contrary, we try and convey to abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices that children are a gift from God. But the world considers them a burden, a curse. God calls them the fruit of the womb, a reward.

Through our almost 17 years of daily ministering outside these gates, I have never heard a woman regret having her baby. On the other hand, I have sadly heard the opposite from women who chose to abort their children. They are haunted by the memory of that day. Some leave messages; some call and say, “If only you or someone would have been out there that day I went in things may of gone differently.” That is why we stand in the gap and share that, “God sets before us life and death, blessings and curses, but tells us to choose life so that future generations may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19.

Our morning began in prayer as the sun was coming up. Saturdays are usually harder days to save babies and the only day we have escorts and the screaming man. We met a family in the alley and brought them inside our ultrasound van. The pregnant girl was young and still in school. We explained everything as we scanned her tummy. BAM! to her surprise there on the screen was her approx 10.5 week old baby auditioning for its life. “Hi Mama!” Her mother smiled with a tear falling off her cheek.


We went over physician follow-up and resources including parenting classes. They were very receptive and happy after viewing the life growing in her womb and learning of available support, praise God! They left the van and thanked prayer warriors on the sidewalk for being there. We walked them to their car.

We intercepted another woman coming back out of the abortion mill. She confirmed she was keeping her baby, accepted our brochure and literature, and walked to her ride.


Prayer partners were out in force this day. A drive by began screaming to distract our efforts to save lives. We offered to go across the street and calmly converse, but he wanted to scream and curse at the prayerful sight. We encouraged others not to engage, but rather shake the dust and stay focused on the real enemy of the cross. He drove off. Thank you Jesus!

A very pregnant Small Victories save, due any day, stopped by the abortion mill to pick up baby supplies and shared her testimony with prayer warriors. This encouraged the first-timers and troops. We helped her to her car with supplies for her baby.

Throughout the morning it was a battle between life and death. So many abortion-bound mothers just don’t realize how precious life is and that babies are God’s way of saying life must go on.

Thank you Lord for showing us that “with every child born, their lives are full of endless possibilities.” Let us never take our children for granted. They are only here on loan.


Be encouraged ~Angela