Granite City , IL Report     

3/19/2011- DAY 11

            In our 40 Days for Life intention we pray that people of faith will have their strength renewed, even in the face of the violence of abortion.

            We arrived early and quickly set up our pregnancy and adoption mission outside these gates of hell. Several cars were up front from the day before. These were late-term babies returning. We were joined by different area Bound for Life groups which silently prayed with the red tape across their mouths. It saves many babies. Our numbers swelled as several other area churches joined us prayerfully on the front sidewalk for the 40 Days for Life campaign. We passed out signs and prayer booklets and welcomed them. To witness more than the usual number of cars pulling onto the lot is discouraging, but we are reminded that our hope is in the Lord. “‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.’ The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him; it is good to wait in silence for the saving of the Lord.” Lamentations 3:22-26

            We encouraged the prayer warriors as they looked over at us with each car pulling up to the sidewalk where we stood. We softly spoke to each woman and her accomplice, offering them a way out and real hope. Saturdays are the hardest days trying to save babies. There tends to be more who want to scream and impress others with their words and socializing, instead of focusing on prayer. That’s why 40 Days campaigns are so beneficial and important outside abortion facilities. For the most part, it keeps things more prayerful. Thank God!

            We stand only feet from where unspeakable violence takes place. In the midst of grief, the prophet Jeremiah wrote, “The favors of the Lord are not exhausted.” It is a call to hope that no matter how much violence there is, life will prevail in the end.


            Throughout our morning vigil, two confirmed saves came back out and told us they were keeping their babies. One of the accomplices was not very happy, but they accepted our literature and pulled off the lot thanking us. One abortion-bound mother walking back inside turned to the men in the alley screaming condemnation at her and screamed back at them to, “Stop judging,” her. We have never seen a woman run into someone’s arms that is screaming and condemning her. It never works, except to the abortion mill’s advantage in securing that unborn baby’s death.

            “Lord, look kindly on Your people who weep and mourn amidst the vast devastation that abortion has brought upon our land. We cannot fathom the total amount of children killed and the mothers and fathers wounded. We cannot measure the devastation and corruption abortion has brought upon the very fabric of our society. But we declare today that Your favors have not been exhausted, Your mercies have not been spent. They are renewed each morning. Give us new strength today in the resurrection of Jesus Christ Your Son, that we may bear effective witness atop the victory of Life! In Jesus’ name we pray.” ~Angela