Granite City , IL Report     

3/22/2011- DAY 14
                     March Madness…March sadness…           

            Today the most unsafe place for an unborn black baby was their mother’s womb. Over 20 of the 27 clients running, laughing, and marching inside this slaughterhouse in Granite City were Black American. Most were from Missouri . They are killing off their race, and no one seems to care but the remnant standing in the gap praying and interceding for their babies and their mothers. We viewed a family of two sets of grandparents bringing a young couple to kill their grandchild. One of the grandmothers flipped the sidewalk counselor off for offering to adopt the baby. She sported a large crucifix hanging off her neck. She then gave the hooded girl a shove into the abortion mill. What are we teaching our children? It’s so sad.

            Even a worker from the hospital was incensed at our offers to help the women standing in line with free help, a free ultrasound, or help with adoption. She referred to us as being rude for offering the mothers another option. “Mind your own *%#* business!” she screamed. I told Judy, the other counselor, “Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.” Just like the moms and dads bringing their children to kill their own grandbabies. Just sad...

            Families are not like they used to be. In times of crisis, they circled the wagon trains so to speak and they supported one another. They had enough love to welcome a new baby into the world and help support and raise it. Now, it’s the Me generation. Unfortunately, it’s all about me instead of “Thee” as in the Lord. An accomplice who brought a girl for an abortion acted like he was hard of hearing when I asked him about the fish pin emblem on his car. “Are you a Christian?” “Yes,” he answered. “Then you know ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is a commandment, not a suggestion.” “Yes ma’am,” he answered. “Then rescue that innocent baby before it’s too late.” “It’s her choice.” “What about that baby’s choice sir? The only choice he gets is scissors or suction to the back of his little head.” They continued inside with his head hung down.   

            In our 40 Days intention we are to pray for those mothers going into pregnancy centers. I pray that they are open. It has been my experience that in order to save babies, you have to be where they are killing babies. It would have been ideal for a pregnancy center to be right next door to this abortion mill over 30 years ago, but a mobile pregnancy unit is the best we could do for the past 18 years. This includes personal care, the free ultrasounds, and ongoing help including physician referrals and follow-ups on the spot, plus emergency housing, transportation, whatever it takes to deliver those abortion-minded mothers from those who profit in shedding innocent blood. That is what our ministry does. Abortion-minded mothers are not going to jump through hoops or take classes to earn points to get diapers and supplies. They are going to march inside the abortion mill where the death merchants will gladly offer them instant relief.

            Our Womb Service van is there to show them the truth of the humanity growing inside them. Once they view that little heart flashing on the screen or view their baby sucking its thumb, the love story begins. It’s then we are able to find out why they thought abortion was the answer. There are so many testimonies we could share with you on how important it is to be there to rescue babies and deliver them from the wicked. That is why the abortion industry hates us. They realize they are on a collision course with modern technology through the usage of ultrasound and resources to support pregnant women during this difficult time. We provide an alternative, another way out, and deliver them from the hands of the wicked. Pray and help support those who rescue and deliver daily outside the abortion mill.

            One precious save was confirmed this day as they walked back out and into their car. They accepted our brochure and literature.

            “Father, we rejoice with the precious babies that are rescued and delivered from the abortion mill and the hands of the wicked. Deliver them from evil. Continue to use us and our ministry to help abortion-minded mothers to chose life and to see Your hand of provision. In Jesus’ name we pray.”