Granite City , IL Report     

3/29/2011- DAY 21
          In our 40 Days for Life intention, we pray for the conversion of all those who refuse to acknowledge that human life belongs only to God. Only God can take life; only God can create life. Today at the infamous midnight abortions, it was so disheartening to witness so many of the young women basically running up over our backs to walk inside this slaughterhouse to kill their children. Our soft pleas of mercy and another way to deal with the situation at hand were ignored, to say the least, but we still stood prayerfully and tried in the cold, damp weather.

            How frustrated the great prophet Jeremiah must have felt as he tried to warn the people of what was coming. The same can be said of our daily witnessing to the mothers and their accomplices. One of the great tragedies of the abortion culture is that life in the womb has been so devalued. To embrace the arguments of the pro-choice crowd one must conclude that the child doesn’t exist, isn’t there, has no being. But nothing can be further from the truth! And we know the truth. Through our ministry, we have witnessed the conversions of several former employees and clients from pro-death to pro-life. Through our ultrasound van we have been able to tear down the lies of the abortion industry. Through modern technology and the truth we are on a collision course with the culture of death. That child is known by God and as such, has being.

            “Lord God, we confess that in You we live and move and have our being. Because You are, we are. May we find grace from You to affirm the being of every human, and may we labor to make this truth known to the world around us. Amen.”