Granite City , IL Report 

4/2/2011- DAY 26   

            I was no sooner pulling off the interstate headed into the City of Slaughter , Illinois when I noticed the beat up green car with two young teens from Missouri . Sure enough, they drove past my turn off to the slaughterhouse. I whispered, “Praise God.” Only seconds later as I turned and pulled in front of the slaughterhouse, did they come around the corner and park behind the abortion mill. The ultrasound van was already set up with signs and banner in place. A few prayer warriors were on the front sidewalk with Daniel. I quickly headed for the alley. Sure enough it was them and the girl could barely walk. I had to stop in my tracks as I looked at her pale white face; she was bleeding. They had already started the abortion the day before. I said, “You lied to me.” The male was holding his head down and pulling the girl inside, still holding her purse. “We can’t afford a baby. We’re too young,” the male said. “We can still stop it and save the baby,” I replied. “Please don’t take that baby back inside there. I told you I would adopt that baby.” The girl, very pale and sleepy, said, “I can’t. And my parents can’t find out… they can’t find out.”

            Oh yes, that’s right, underage teens are Hope Clinic’s BFF. They bring a lot of revenue inside this chop shop. I then said, “What about when they do find out? You are going to break their hearts. That is their grandchild.” She turned and looked at me with her red dyed hair over one eye and said, “Sorry…” They went inside. We gathered on the front sidewalk and prayed.

            Abortion-minded clients and their accomplices began arriving. Our 40 Days intention reminded us that God will bless us with His gift of strength as we respond in obedience to His call to rescue babies. Many, many years ago our marching orders were Proverbs 24:11-12.

            In today’s modern society we can no longer offer the excuse that we were not aware of the human rights abuse happening right here in our own communities. Yes, there are genocides in third world nations, but there is a genocide happening in our own backyard; it’s called abortion and it has devastated men, women, and families.

            We met a mother who brought her three daughters for abortions a almost a decade ago. After befriending her and helping her to see the light, she ended up saving all three of her grandchildren and became a friend and supporter of life. She once told me after seeing me there everyday, “Angie, you can’t save them all.” And there was some truth to that. God has not asked me to save them all, but at least He has asked me to save some. He has equipped us to do so, but we will never know if we don’t show up.

            This morning we had several prayer warriors from different communities who decided to show up and intercede for those who can’t protect themselves. And the blessing is to see the results of our obedience to His calling to get in on the work He is doing through us. It brings us closer in our walk in a whole new way. Our faith increases as we see God at work. Have you responded to His call during these 40 Days?

            Our comrades were so touched this day by showing up; they experienced and witnessed babies being saved. “Candice,” a recent save, lost contact with our ministry and caught us just in time as she is due in weeks. At first, the deathscorts stood at bay when she pulled onto the lot; then they followed me as I walked over to her standing by her car. She was very pregnant and she motioned them off. She was a little angry as she had been trying to get a hold of me for resources. She couldn’t get help in her community, so she had been traveling back and forth from the abortion mill and just missing our van. She even tried getting information from the abortion mill and they refused to tell her the hours or days we are there. Just about to give up and walk back inside the abortion mill where only months ago we talked her out of the abortion, she took a chance and came early today. We embraced her, and immediately began listing her needs and involving other prayer warriors from area churches that are full of resources.

            She was opening up more to us and softening up a little more as she spoke. She told us that she had just about lost everything due to her pregnancy: her job, income, and utilities were behind. We assured her on the baby equipment and supplies we could give her, but they are of no good if you don’t have a roof or electricity. So we enlisted help from others who could get things caught up. We took up a love offering and one prayer warrior, Michelle, offered to take her to the local gas station and fill up her tank with gas. Praise God!

            One man offered to pray with her, but she refused. She told him that she believes in Jesus. I took him aside and told him a little of her history. She has been hurt by the Church and so called Christians. Even her family members call her unborn baby names because this child is illegitimate. She is hard right now. She needs to see Jesus in us before she will trust us. He understood. But I told him, “You can still pray for her.” : ) She thanked us and even gave us a hug. She informed us months ago that she was not a “huggy person.” She left the abortion mill much happier than when she arrived.

            We had three more saves throughout the morning and each confirmed including “Kayla” who was 12 weeks pregnant and accepted our literature. We went over and gave some encouragement to the rosary warriors who were out in numbers this day. We always want to encourage our fellow teammates on the frontlines in the battle. Many let us know that they missed our presence last weekend as we had a speaking engagement. Thank you Jesus!

            “Lord, we pray for continued guidance and strength as we intercede on behalf of those being led to their slaughter. Open the eyes of the abortion-minded mothers’ hearts. Lord, they need a touch from You to see their unborn child as You do: a precious gift to be treasured. Let her hear the soft offers of another way out of her situation from the remnant standing in the gap. Give her wisdom and discernment to come inside the ultrasound van to see that precious humanity growing in her womb so that she may boldly choose life for her baby. Thank You, Lord, for today and all the lives that were saved and hearts touched and encouraged. In Jesus’ name we pray.”  ~Angela