Granite City , IL Report     

 3/11/2011 Day 3

            Friday- In our intention we pray for our pregnancy resource van that is embedded outside this abortion mill and for those who do personally help mothers to parent or place their babies up for adoption. Most of us know by now, and it has been our personal testimony and experience, that abortion-bound mothers are not walking inside pregnancy centers to abort. They are walking inside abortion mills. That is what got our ministry started. We volunteered at a pregnancy center. We were not busy; we barely did a pregnancy test now and then. Thus, we went to where women were seeking abortions. There was a need and it was not being met. Scripture tells us that we are to, “Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 82:4

            By softly offering abortion-minded women another way out or an option rather than abortion, we can bring them into our ultrasound van and show them the innocent humanity that is growing inside their wombs. It is then that the bonding between mother and child begins. Once that love story begins, we then find out why they thought aborting their child was the answer. With spiritual, emotional, and material support we can help meet their needs so they can thrive. God uses us to help them take up their burdens and work towards life. It is cross-bearing for the child-bearing.

            Please pray against the attacks from the enemy. Satan’s bloodline is the blood of the innocent. That is why with each child saved we are cutting off his supply, and his time on earth is shortened.

            “Father, we praise You for all the babies that are rescued literally from Satan’s doors as we serve as the last lines of defense to this mother and her child. Empower us to continue rescuing, saving, and changing hearts, one at a time, in order to saves lives. Thank You for emboldening us to answer the call, to be a window to the womb, for following up with a tender heart and a bold sprit of truth, love, and perseverance. In Jesus’ name we pray.”