Granite City , IL Report 

4/7/2011- DAY 30

            What a great day to serve the Lord and save some babies! Imported foot soldiers made the trek to the City of Slaughter to peacefully stand and pray for the least of these. It was an encouraging sight outside the abortion mill doors and to the community. In our 40 Days intention we pray that pastors may not be distracted from the priority of caring for human lives. I praise God for those pastors that do get it, just like the great group of youth standing with our ministry today. They came out of their buildings and comfort to stand and intercede for the weakest among us: the unborn.

            A lot of pastors today are more concerned about church growth and prosperity. Projects that engage the community, especially those that are evangelistic in nature, are high on the list of priorities for every duty-bound pastor. Church attendance is a constant concern for every pastor, and often his worth is measured by it. But those unborn babies are future tithers and church members. Sometimes we forget and make the mistake of neglecting daily attention towards them due to their age or status. During these 40 Days, let us pray that today’s church does not make the same mistake of forgetting the contributions of our seniors or the needs of the weakest among us: the unborn.

            There was an incredible presence outside the abortion mill doors this morning as the youth surrounded the sidewalks praying. They did a Jericho March with the leaders and Daniel leading the charge. It was obvious the teens were broken by the sight of abortion-bound mothers and their accomplices walking inside to kill their babies. It felt like a helpless situation, but we reminded them that God was still in control. Daniel filled them in on our ministry and gave them an update on how many babies have been saved through our ministry and how many adopted. He showed them a picture of our littlest family member we rescued, saved, and adopted. They were thrilled! We heard, “Ooohs,” and, “Aaahs.”  

            We shared how important the ultrasound van has been to the abortion-minded mothers, and how doing pro-life saves babies. We have to be where children are dying, “Right here in our own communities.” That is what’s going to stop abortion, and the abortion mill knows it. Every time people show up, and especially a good crowd like today, the abortion mill is quaking. It makes everyone inside a little more nervous. It convicts mothers and their accomplices. Having the ultrasound van here shows mothers the truth of what is growing inside them. We can show them the humanity of their babies. The abortion mill is not going to do that. The abortion mill is not going to help them with physicians, baby supplies, rent money, transportation, or jobs, but we will. Saying you’re pro-life doesn’t save lives; doing pro-life does. The kids were so encouraged at what they witnessed and heard! They pledged to come back very soon. 

            “Father, we thank You for bringing these great groups of youth here today to stand for Your babies and their mothers. In the church’s desire to engage our communities with the gospel, let her not disengage from those who need their care and company most. Let us gain wisdom from those who have gone before us and cherish their experiences and perspectives. Help us to appreciate every soul in the body of Christ and minister properly to everybody. In Jesus’ name we pray.” ~Angela