Granite City , IL Report 

4/8/2011- DAY 31
             2 Corinthians 5:17 “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new.”

            “I was on my knees to save a life...” The weather was depressing and dreary as we arrived and quickly set up. We began in prayer, and Stan and I read the 40 Days for Life intention aloud. We prayed for opportunities to share with the abortion-minded mothers that the newness of life she may be seeking is found only in Christ. “How true,” we lamented; so many pregnant women who come to this abortion facility are desperate and seeking to get instant relief. The abortion staff gives them a false sense of security in themselves as they are their own “goddesses” and a baby may hinder their happiness. As a matter of fact, the abortion mill staff does not even refer to it as a baby. When we questioned them years ago, we were told, “It’s a baby when the woman says it’s a baby.” The abortion mill staff refers to a baby as a P.O.C. in order to distance themselves from the humanity of an unborn baby.

            Many young women perceive an unplanned pregnancy as the end of their life as they know it. Sadly, these women go into a self preservation mode and choose to kill their babies in order to live their normal lives or to give themselves an opportunity to start anew. Most of these types of women have no or low self-esteem and are looking for acceptance and love in all the wrong places. In their efforts to meet their needs they become promiscuous and their needs are met momentarily during an encounter. Afterwards, the needs return unmet leaving women feeling devalued even more. It’s a vicious cycle.

            The truth is that only Christ can love them unconditionally with an everlasting love. They don’t have to do anything; they don’t have to earn it; they just have to say, “Yes Lord.” He has a perfect plan for each woman and her unborn child if only she will allow Christ to transform her life that she surrenders to Him. No, an unexpected pregnancy is not the end of life, but rather the beginning of two beautiful lives if given the opportunity.

            With each abortion-minded mother walking by us or through us we shared that message. Many listened; many accepted literature or explained their situation to us. Lawrence told us that he wanted the baby. He would take the literature inside and try and talk her out of the abortion. He knew it was wrong to take an innocent life. Lawrence asked our names and shook our hands thanking us as he went back inside. We prayed that he would return. An hour later they were still inside, but we did not lose hope. 

            A young woman from Michigan and her friend listened to us as they stood in line. They went inside, but sometime later all three came back out, and we met them in the alley. I literally went down on my knees to see if we could save this life. I offered to show them a free ultrasound. She started crying. “Why didn’t I listen to you?” she exclaimed. She went on to confirm that she was 26 weeks pregnant. She was so sorry that she gave the abortion mill any money, but she would keep the baby; we prayed for this situation. Both women accepted our literature and told us, “It’s a really nice thing you are doing outside the abortion (mill) clinic.” They both thanked us for being there and helping them as they traveled back home.

            “Father, You give us a new song, a new purpose, a new direction….You remind us that the thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but Christ came that we may have life. Give us boldness to share the Good News with those at the crossroads. May they choose life for their children and enjoy the newness of life in You. In Jesus’ name we pray.” ~Angela