Granite City , IL Report 

4/9/2011- DAY 32    2 babies saved
          “The Cavalry Has Arrived!” After a night of rumbling and thunderstorms, we almost needed a pontoon boat to get around the surrounding submerged walks of Granite City ’s slaughterhouse. The sewer system, like most of the washboard streets and public works in general, are in much need of repair. Unusually warm weather and humidity greeted us. Not complaining, I will take summer heat over winter’s cold any day outside this extermination camp.

            What a beautiful sight: God’s people.  Almost 200 prayer warriors (with half of them being youth groups) made the pilgrimage, including the real Church of Jesus Christ, Church Without Walls headed by Pastor Todd. They donned shirts stating: “It’s a child, not a choice,” and on the back: “Have mercy on us God.” They led us in praise and worship on the front sidewalk. The youth groups surrounded the sides and alley and inter-meshed with the prayer warriors. The few men and women who scream and terrorize the women were quieted; there were too many witnesses this day. Praise God! A large group of rosary warriors held court in the “snake-pit” area. Their prayers could be heard on the other side of the building. Point guards held the banners at either entrance to this slaughterhouse stating: “HELP STOP ABORTION IN GRANITE CITY .”

            We were kept quite busy softly offering those abortion-minded mothers who crept onto the parking lot another option and real hope inside our ultrasound van, and keeping everyone in check. Being an ambassador for Christ is a fulltime job, especially to such a large crowd this day. In our 40 Days for Life intention we prayed that we may come to know that divine life, in relationship, creates human life. In other words, God created everything. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:1-3.

            Our proclaiming numbers were swelling as more groups were arriving and grabbing a sign or placing red tape across their mouths to indicate silent prayer warriors, or doing both : ). At two different times throughout the morning vigil we were able to confirm babies saved from abortion. Sometimes having this many bodies outside an abortion facility hinders mothers from coming inside our ultrasound van. You can’t see the entrance to our van; it’s just a little intimidating and most want to just leave the area. But this many bodies is also a blessing as it causes many turn-aways as we witnessed this morning; cars that slowly creep by the abortion mill wanting to pull in, but hesitate due to the large crowds, and turn away, hopefully going back home. Plus, what a statement to the community when you can assemble this amount of peaceful prayer warriors interceding for the mothers and their babies.

            Several Jericho marches took place around this abortion mill while we went across the street and assembled with Pastor Todd’s church group to give an encouraging report and update on our ministry. Pastor Todd then led the charge and picked up the proclaiming line. They headed to the main thoroughfare in the City of Slaughter and stood peacefully and silently holding their signs, waking this city up from its slumber to the abomination in their backyard.      

            We then returned to the sidewalk in front of the abortion mill and accepted several donations from various groups with us this day, even baby supplies and car seats, clothing, etc. for the mothers and their babies. We are so grateful. I looked at the great faces of young people standing in the snake pit area praying and marching around silently with their signs and thanked God. Without Him, none of these prayer warriors would be here.

            I was then consulted to speak to the large group of youth. I began by thanking them for making the sacrifice and standing for the least of these. I told them what a blessing they were to our ministry and in God’s eyes. I remembered days years ago when we first started standing in front of this abortion mill praying in all kinds of bad weather. It was no fun to be here by yourself. “So you all can imagine how blessed we are today to see so many warriors for LIFE.” I told them that people used to call us crazies for doing this ministry of just witnessing and praying everyday the abortion mill was open, but I remembered what God put on my heart many years ago when people asked why I do it. “Because we may never know if we saved a life or how many, but I couldn’t imagine not being where little people were being killed. At least we tried to intervene; we were a voice in the wilderness for those without one. And we brought dignity and honor to those babies. In the end, we let those babies know that they did not die alone.”

            I looked out into the crowd and people were wiping tears from their eyes. “That is why we do it. And having a Window to the Womb outside here full of resources and other options is, well, just a blessing.” Applause. If we could sow good seed to these kids, well, my job is done. “It was my stupid generation, and I was only a kid, that created this monster called abortion. It’s your generation that can turn this around and bring us back to a culture of LIFE!”  One little girl begged her mother to get my attention as she wanted to give me a hug. I reached through the crowd and placed my arms around her. In a tiny voice she said, “Thank you.” It was humbling.

            (Somewhere that seed was scattered, a good crop would come of it). Thank you Jesus! Many raised their hands asking numerous questions and we tried to answer them all. We then brought the youth groups to our ultrasound van and gave small group tours. Once inside, they were amazed at how we rescue and save lives. Very impressive. “But you have to go to where children are dying. That’s how you save lives. And none of this would be possible without God. Divine life creates human life.”

            “O God, may we always call You Father. Let Your spirit remind us that we and all of Your people are Your children. We praise You that You sent Your only Son into the world so He may reveal to the world that all people are His brothers and sisters; that all people are Your children. We thank You. In Jesus’ name we pray.” ~Angela