Granite City , IL Report 

4/12/2011- DAY 35    

            “Why don’t you all go down to one of those adoption centers?” the irate male accomplice yelled as he opened his car door from the alley. “We are the adoption center,” we replied standing by his door. Daniel and I proceeded to tell him of our recent adoptions of two precious babies saved from this abortion mill. One of the new prayer warriors brought our big picture of our new son over and I added, “We now have 13 children.” The male’s eyes opened wider; he was speechless. He thought for a minute and then said, “For real?” I pointed to our son. “This is Isaac.” He then replied, “I will talk to you two, but those others on the sidewalk better shut up.” He added, “Tell them to go adopt some kids too…” He calmed down and they confirmed they didn’t go through with the late-term abortion; she was 26 weeks along. They accepted our literature and thanked us as they drove onto the street towards the interstate. Thank you Jesus!

            Only 90 minutes earlier they pulled onto the parking lot. The male got out and was using profanities and screaming at someone on his cell phone. He then looked over at today’s prayer warriors and began swearing at them. Sidewalk counselors softly offered to help them and asked him not to force the woman to go inside as he was urging her to get ahead of him. He came out one time and started to leave when the guard called him back; they’re not supposed to leave the premises once signed in. The male cursed the guard; he was angry. I told the remnant that usually those who are most convicted behave like this and they end up changing their minds on the abortion. I then encouraged them to keep praying as we kept intercepting abortion-minded mothers walking up to the entrance or pulling onto the lot. “Keep praying, God is still in control.” And look what God can do!

            In our 40 Days intention we pray that all believers participating in the 40 Days for Life will make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:3. I guess that is why Tuesdays are our most peaceful and fruitful outside this abortion mill. There is so much unity and peace, and the enemy hates it. He is there to divide and conquer. The devil is up 24/7 scheming, plotting, and planning on robbing, killing, and destroying. Satan knows who to use inside and outside this abortion mill. No doubt the enemy is disheartened to see the unity in prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil; and he will continuously try and disrupt the bond of peace among brothers and sisters in Christ.

            Today the weather was resort-like and the community awareness of our prayerful stand was causing passer-bys to stop, chat, and give our ranks encouragement. Many complimented us and our efforts. They didn’t believe in abortion either. A Black American woman stopped and shared how her two granddaughters got pregnant. The first thing the boyfriends did was abandon them. The next thing the pregnant girls wanted to do was get an abortion. The grandmother forbid both of them to do that. “Those are my great-grandbabies. It’s not their fault. Why would you kill them?” she asked both granddaughters. She ended up raising both babies to help her granddaughters. “But nowadays families are a mess,” she added. She thanked us for being there trying to help these pregnant women. This why it is so important to be where children are being killed in our communities. This is evil and we are to expose what is evil and stand for righteousness wherever injustice and oppression exist.

            BAM! Another Black American couple we spoke to earlier came back out and confirmed they were keeping their baby. The driver was not too happy, but she smiled and thanked us.

            Rachel and her friend came inside our ultrasound van, and to their surprise they viewed an approx 22 week old baby boy on the ultrasound screen. She had no idea she was that far along. We went over physician follow-up and resources we can help her with. We loaded her up with some baby supplies for her two year old she has at home. She was so surprised to get so much help on the spot from our ministry. “I didn’t expect this kindness,” she commented. “That’s called being Jesus.” She smiled. We walked them to their car and saw them off when another couple we spoke to earlier came out and left with their baby still alive.

            As we were packing up and getting ready to leave, Judy called over, “Angela! Look, look at how big she is.” I turned, and to my disgust an attractive, blond twenty-something who appeared to be over 5 months in her pregnancy was hurrying inside. Her accomplice was cursing at us…so disheartening. We softly called over, “You appear to far advanced in your pregnancy. Your unborn baby is possibly viable outside your womb. Please let us help you. It’s not safe at any stage, but it gets even more dangerous to abort a late-term baby at this stage. Sir, if you love her don’t let her place herself in harm’s way. She could possibly be leaving on a gurney. It’s not safe. We have witnessed many women suffer at the hands of this abortion mill. Let us help you both with another option. Have you considered adoption?” They went in, but not before we were cursed some more by the driver.

            “Heavenly Father, give us grace in every situation to work toward unity. With humility, gentleness, and patience, may we endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

            There are hurting men and women, Lord, at the crossroads of life and death who are looking for love and peace in their lives. May they see Christ in us and be drawn to the abundant life that only He can give. It is in Christ’s precious name that we pray, Amen.”