Granite City , IL Report 

4/17/2011- DAY 40

            Out of respect for this young woman and her leaving the abortion industry, we will not disclose her name or her job title…but we will let you know that this is a humongous victory for pro-life.

            For the past two weeks, there have been rumblings inside the Granite City abortion mill with one particular employee. Throughout our years of witness and our ministry, the persecution, the victories, and even the women and babies we have helped save from the abortion clinic...this employee was taking all of this in. She has been on the fence struggling lately. A save recently conversed with her seeking our ministry’s daily operation times to obtain help. The former employee reluctantly gave the pregnant woman the information she sought. (Helping the “anti-s” is frowned upon. If it were discovered that this was occurring, then the directress of Hope Clinic would call for an immediate staff meeting and hold performance checks of employees.) In addition, the burden of the realization of what this young lady was apart of had taken its toll upon her heart.

God let us know that this employee was reaching out to escape from working inside this evil place. She wanted out! She had been seeking other employment. We just received confirmation today that she has been given a position to work a respectable job at a local company, praise God!  

This, my brothers and sisters, gives “Hope” to the tireless efforts, the chains of prayers we offer, and the hard work we undertake to save lives, change hearts, and restore a deep respect and sanctity of life for all. This is our battlefield. It is God’s war, but He only asks us, His people, to show up for the fight.

Our 40 Days for Life reflection: We see every activity we undertake in defense of the sanctity of life is prophetic, in as much as it points to the day when “death will be no more.”  Every victory we have when an act of abortion is prevented is prophetic of that day when death itself will be definitively conquered. Every triumph of grace in this world, whereby someone is brought to see the value of life and given the strength to welcome it, is a breaking into our history of that definitive future in which the old order of things will have passed, and all things will be made new.

As pro-life warriors, we must keep our eyes fixed on heaven and our hearts secure in the hope that the day is coming and all evil will be conquered. It is the future that shapes the present; it is the victory that informs the battle; it is the destination that determines the journey.

Father, You are the God of hope. Your word fills us with the vision of the world to come when every tear will be wiped away and death will be no more. Father, how we need that hope; how we are strengthened by that vision! Keep our hearts focused on heaven and diligent in the labors of earth. As we struggle against the culture of death, root our souls in the assurance of victory. We pray through Christ our Lord, Amen.”

Be encouraged ~Angela