Granite City , IL Report     

3/15/2011- DAY 7

            Tuesday- "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." Psalms 103:3 

            With barely a voice, we ventured to the City of Slaughter in Granite City , Illinois . The weather couldn't be more depressing as it was damp, cold, and very dreary. Midnight abortions were underway. We quickly set up and met fellow prayer warriors. We began in prayer and read from the 40 Days for Life devotional, and then stood strategically. Counselors tried softly speaking to the abortion-minded mothers standing in line. They came from Indiana, Kentucky , Texas , Iowa , mostly Missouri , and a few from Illinois . It was cold; we kept moving to stay warm.

            Our first save was from  Illinois : a mom and daughter. They came back out and confirmed to us. Then a sullen young man, "Ashton" from Kentucky , came over and spoke to us. He told us the young woman he brought was being forced by her parents to abort this baby.They would physically beat her if she were to come back home pregnant,” he said. We gave him our literature to try to give her and asked him to tell her that there was another way, and that we were willing to take her in. We then asked the young man if we could pray for him and the young girl. He prayed with us and then thanked us and went back inside. It was so disheartening to see so many moms and daughters going in there, but that's because our society for the past 38 years has been spoon-fed that “abortion on demand” is the cure-all for society’s ails. Sadly, it couldn't be further from the truth. 

            While I was inside the ultrasound van showing a young girl her 13 week old baby boy, another girl and her boyfriend walked right up to us on the sidewalk and told us they saved their baby. They took a brochure from us; they were from Missouri

            The cold, damp air was not helping my voice because I was straining to talk. I had to walk over to the young mom in the alley so she could hear me. “Amanda” came into my arms, and then showed me a picture of an ultrasound of what appeared to be a 6 week old floating in an ocean of amniotic water. I told her, “Congratulations.” She said, “I'm not having the abortion; I’m keeping my baby.” “If there's anything that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to call.” She replied, “I will.” Her mother was not as happy; it showed on her face. I saw them to their car. They had at least a two hour drive back home to Missouri .

            I rejoined the prayer warriors and shared the good news. We kept praying. “Ok, now I'm chilling.” Doctors and nurses make the worst patients; they don't even follow their own advice. I should be at home resting and drinking hot tea and here we are. Hannah-Noelle phoned her daddy to tell us she was having a blast bowling with her big sisters and that she missed her mommy and wished she was with her. "I won't be long honey. Big kiss.” She is a "Momma's girl." Thank goodness, Daniel brought me a hot cup of coffee. It doubles as a hand-warmer. I prefer tea in the afternoon anyways.

            We kept praying. BAM! Another couple from Edwardsville , Illinois  we spoke to earlier came back out. The girl was beautiful with long blond hair. The young man indicated they kept their baby as they pulled out to Judy, who was thrilled at this point.

            Throughout our vigil, we were entertained with the sounds of crashing concrete and earth movers as the old VFW building we once tried to buy for our maternity center (they were asking $400,000.00 and all the place needed was a match!) was being demolished by a wrecking crew. “Oh,” I thought, “they must not have gotten the memo. It was this structure (pointing to the abortion mill) that needed to be demolished.” We laughed. : )

            "Father, we come to You rejoicing with the precious babies that were spared today, the hearts that were touched, and the lives that will be changed. Lord, we pray for the abortionist, for those that would do harm to our innocent children, and for all those involved in this abortion facility. Prick their conscience and trouble their souls regarding their works of iniquity so that they would seek the truth. It breaks God's heart to see the abortionists and abortion workers in bondage to sin. He is giving them an invitation to meet a Savior and serve a real KING who can set the captives free. You desire that we bring them the message of truth and hope found in Christ. We pray for those in the abortion industry that You would trouble their souls so much that they would cry out in hunger for the truth and freedom that their redemption in You can bring. In Jesus’ name we pray.” ~Angela