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1 Timothy 6:7 ďFor we brought nothing into this world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desiresÖÖ
Written by: Angela Michael
September 26th, 2011

After taking part in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils for almost three years, we finally realize that it is ridiculous to make people pay $197.00 to be a part of the 40 Days for Life Campaign. Understand, we have been holding prayer vigils, and through the ultrasound van helping moms and saving babies for almost 20 years on a daily basis, just like a lot of other faithful pro-lifers across the United States. So, why would we pay money to pray outside of an abortion clinic?

Now donít get me wrong. We went into this with the best intentions over three years ago with our first campaign. Itís always good to get a multitude of prayer warriors outside facilities where children are scheduled to die. However, charging money to do what our ministry has been doing for two decades for FREE sounds more like a scam. For, the only thing you get is access to the 40 Days main website and modules. Thatís all. No shirts, no banners, no signs. We had to pay extra for all our materials, so another organization made money too.

The real reason for the ďpraying feeĒ appears to be, sadly, that David Bereit, the National Director for 40 Days for Life, needs to make a $94,000.00 salary, and that Shawn Carney, campaign director, can collect $20,000.00 at last report.

When I questioned Mr. Carney about this he said, ď40 Days for Life spends $800.00 on each participant in the 40 Days for Life Campaign.Ē If you multiply 1,500 participants by $800.00 that's $1.2 million. In 2009, they only reported taking in $400,000.00. Something smells fishy.

Question: has the pro-life movement become a bottomless money pit? A modest salary would be okay, but $94,000.00 is ridiculous. If you need to charge people to cover your expenses, that's fine, but to make an outrageous salary like that is ludicrous.

Thatís why if all abortion came to an end today, there would be pro-lifers jumping off their buildings as they would be losing their salaries, their social status, their titles, etc. Unfortunately, raising money has become the pro-life movementís main objective; they have lost their focus. Instead of prevention, they are there to perpetuate it.

I really failed to see how being bombarded with 40 Days e-mails encouraging participation in webcast seminars on ďhow to raise more funds for your pregnancy centersĒ saves babies scheduled to die at the abortion facility. Most knowledgeable people have come to realize that abortion-bound women are bypassing pregnancy centers and going directly to abortion mills for help. This just reinforces how, sadly, pro-life organizations as such have lost their focus, and itís all about making money.

Another instance is taking claim to closing abortions mills, which is a great thing, but letís give credit where credit is due. God does indeed answer prayers, but there are other things that factor into the closing of a lot of child killing facilities, not just 40 Days. For instance, a lot of these abortion centers are losing federal funding and the struggling economy is also playing a part. Also, itís not as easy to find abortionists anymore. Letís face it: abortion is the red light district of medicine and thatís a stretch. Most real, reputable physicians donít want to be associated with abortion or its industry. Thus, itís harder to find skilled baby killers. Anytime we see another abortion clinic close itís doors, itís good; but to charge money to do what all Christians should be doing for those without a voice... well, thatís just plain wrong.

1 Timothy 6:10 ďFor the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people eager for money have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.Ē

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