"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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truth bearers standing at Cahokia Mounds entrance.JPG (60011 bytes)
truth bearers standing at Cahokia Mounds entrance
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Cahokia Mounds


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exposing the hypocrisy
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car driving by signs as night falls

Blood Money

 Getting Rich Off a Child’s Book and Defending Child Killers”

Written by Angela Michael

October 17, 2007

“The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10


            Straight out of a spooky novel, we stood in front of the entrance of Cahokia Mounds, a Native Indian memorial, while tornadic weather surrounded us as night fell and the winds howled. It didn’t matter. The gates of hell cannot prevail when the Church of Jesus Christ shows up.

            The guest of honor was children’s book author Mark Levy. Author by night and defending child killers by day. What hypocrisy! Mark Levy has been representing the Midwest’s largest late-term child killing mill, Hope abortion Clinic in Granite City , Illinois for over ten years. He has filed frivolous lawsuits against the truth bearers to hide and cover-up crimes against innocent children and women behind the purple slaughterhouse doors.

            He has tried to intimidate and harass gentle Christians for exposing the greed, deception, and atrocities inside Hope abortion mill. He protects a hired serial killer and uses the courts as his own social club. He has settled many lawsuits out of the courtroom regarding women who have been butchered, or left in a coma, or unfortunately have died. He insists on 5-7 year old gag orders so victims of Hope Clinic are bound not to speak out or to let the public know what the butchers inside Hope Clinic did to them.

            We were there to be the welcome wagon and give Mr. Levy a little free publicity. You can’t serve two masters Mr. Levy. You can’t protect child killers by day and write children’s books at night. That was very obvious as guests began arriving and driving through our throng of signs.

            Mr. Levy was one of the first to drive through. The look on his face testified against him, Isaiah 3:9. Soon curious attendees pulled over in the rain inquiring of our message and representation at the scheduled celebration. One woman driver who pulled over agreed with us that Mr. Levy’s position was ridiculous. She thanked us for being there exposing the hypocrisy. Cars began pouring into the entrance. Many looked bewildered, but one vehicle tore around the corner and slowed down enough for us to recognize Mark Levy’s wife Liz. She was furious and you could hear the explicatives she was screaming at us and she then gave us the middle finger before her driver sped off towards the main building.

            The tornadic winds were a challenge for us to hold onto the signs, but we kept praising the Lord. It was a bloody event as we noticed the killing crew from Hope(less) arriving to their shock. Debbie Weidhardt pulled over dialing her phone and getting frustrated. She finally drove forward to the event. Another bottom feeder arrived: Allison Hile assistant deathcamp educator. She waved. The deathcamp director’s husband Mr. Sally Burgess drove through and pointed his finger.  

            Throughout the stormy evening, others who pulled over and spoke with us also agreed that Mr. Levy should not be writing children’s books and representing an abortion clinic.

            We found the eerie comparison interesting as we stood at the foot of Cahokia Mounds, considered a sacred and ancient burial site where thousands of Native Americans died and were buried. Mr. Levy has more reverence and passion for the American Indians, but only ten minutes south of this site in Granite City , Illinois is the “Ben Hinnom” of approx 366,000 lil human beings who were tortured and died at the hands of the abortionist and Hope Clinic whom he protects and represents. He is paid with blood money, the blood of innocent babies who have a voice and their voices cry out for justice.

            The guests began trickling out and leaving as the thunder and winds picked up. We thanked God for allowing us to expose the evil and hypocrisy of Mr. Levy and associates, and to stand for righteousness and justice. Even in the storms we know our Lord is with us.

            “The Lord detests the ways of the wicked but He loves those who pursue righteousness.” Proverbs 15:9           

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