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Another Young Girl Butchered

in the City of Slaughter


Saturday February 28, 2009

Written by Angela Michael

Psalm 7:9 “O righteous God, who searches minds and hearts, bring to an end the violence of the wicked

and make the righteous secure.”

Two witnesses were standing in the gap at approximately 3:00 in the afternoon on a cold, windy butchering day in Granite City , IL . This young girl was one of the many rushed inside Hope abortion Clinic by an older woman and young man, earlier in the morning.

Later in the afternoon, the young man was holding her hand as she was rushed across the street on a gurney by butcherettes into emergency surgery at Gateway Regional Hospital , where both serial killers Yogendra Shah and Allen Palmer (both Missouri residents) are on staff.  What is so shocking is how many women get rushed across the street after being butchered inside this 2 million dollar, state-of-the-art slaughterhouse. I thought legalized abortion was going to put an end to table-top back alley abortions?

This happened to yet another young Black American girl who was in her second trimester of pregnancy. It is an assembly line atmosphere inside this mill. We have been informed the abortionists want to spend no more than 7 minutes on a first trimester abortion and 20 minutes on a second trimester late-term abortion.

Where is the outcry? Where is the outrage from all these women's groups? N.O.W. etc. Where is the medical ethics board? And where is the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, or the Health Department?

Gateway Regional Hospital is patching these women up and getting them back on the highway where they are no longer the abortionist’s concern. They know Allen Palmer and Yogendra Shah are mutilating women all in the name of “choice”, yet they look the other way. Why aren’t they reporting the abuse?

How can so many complaints and lawsuits against this abortion mill and abortionists go un-noticed? Forget the HIPAA excuse. HIPAA has nothing to do with this. You would report a bad tattoo artist; you would report an abusive puppy mill. How many women have to be mutilated or lying in comas before someone will investigate this chop-shop?  Why isn’t the hospital that is covering up crimes against women being investigated? The Gateway Regional surgeons, the operating room staff- they all know this abuse and negligent care is going on across the street and they don’t report it. I guess they aren’t willing to “bite the hand” that is currently feeding and supporting this hospital in this deplorable town.

This steel town was once known for its steel mill, which has now been sitting idle for months. Now it’s known for its baby killing mill that is its only lucrative industry. Hope abortion mill is keeping the lights on in the City of Slaughter .          

There are no safe abortions. Abortion proponents told us years ago that legalizing abortion would benefit the health and welfare of American women. It would be an acceptable part of mainstream medical care. They also told us legalized abortion would eliminate the thousands of deaths that abortion advocates claimed were happening in the back alleys. The mythology of back alley abortions has not ended with legalized abortion. It is alive and well in the City of Slaughter and it continues behind the sterile facades of fresh paint. You just pay more money.

Safe abortions? That’s a lie! Women don’t choose to get mutilated and sometimes die.


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