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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Faith & Freedom Family Ministries false prophet attacks 3 year old girl

outside abortion mill in  Granite City , Illinois

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! On the outside you appear to people as righteous, but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.” Matthew 23:27-28. 

terrified little girl and father

It’s absolutely unbelievable what Satan can use and the destruction he can cause all in the “Name of Jesus.” It was not the screams of the St. Valentine's Massacre that were underway inside Hope(less) abortion mill. It was the screams of a little 3 year old girl being attacked by an adult male who is a constant reproach outside this mill, that was so disturbing.

Our ministry has been embedded for over fifteen years outside this abortion mill. We are equipped with a pregnancy resource mobile unit including an ultrasound machine to show the abortion-bound mothers a picture of the innocent life growing in their womb, and other resources including Bibles in offering them another option and real hope to carry their babies to term and help with either parenting or adoption. We have been successful since January 2000 with the saves of over 3000 babies and 28 being adopted by loving couples.

The sad news is, since our ministry has been so successful and fruitful and received national attention, we have been a constant target for the enemy. I’m not speaking of the abortion industry which we would expect, but the so-called Christian community. We soon realized there are frauds and treacherous people even in the pro-life arena. There is only one perfect man and that was Jesus. Our shield of faith was so full of fiery darts we could barely lift it, but despite the trials we did. You’ve heard the saying, “Live your lives so that every morning the devil can be heard saying, ‘Oh no, they’re still alive.’” That’s us. God got a hold of us when we were literally fighting for our lives and the destiny of this ministry. The Lord showed us how evil and wicked men’s hearts are. This ministry needed to rely on God and not man.

When Small Victories won a federal lawsuit after suing Granite City a little over two years ago, that is when these rebellious and stiff-necked troublemakers showed up on the sidewalk outside our mill and began their attacks and devising their schemes, chasing us with video cameras, and screaming in our faces, “Your ministry is over!” to try and deter our focus. They were full of jealousy and envy. The have pulled every dirty trick in the book. You see, the devil never sleeps. He is up 24/7.   

The lowest point was when they tried to press charges against an 88 year old crippled man who has stood with us daily for 10 years claiming, “the old man assaulted them”. Thank God there was an unbiased witness across the street that witnessed this fiasco. An accused child molester, whose daughters were permanently removed by the state of Missouri from his care, was setting a trap and this hospital worker came to this elderly man’s aid and told the police the truth before they arrested him.

But the demons have not backed down. If you read our daily streets reports on our website, you may be familiar with a demon possessed fake collared man John Baliff. He is the “Messiah” of these troublemakers. They encourage him and prop him up outside this abortion mill. He screams only inches away from frightened and scared abortion-bound women. He will not come under any authority or accept correction. He has posed as a Catholic priest and heard a distraught widower’s confession across the street outside the hospital. Many pastors and churches that have stood with us outside this mill have tried to speak with him and many have rebuked his actions. Most, if not all, have not returned due to this reproach outside Hope Clinic.

John is a very angry, unsuccessful, and bitter man. John has caused the deaths of many babies with the scream-preaching he hurls at the women. Most of his anger is condemnation laced with some scripture. There is no respect for anyone outside this abortion mill or an established and dedicated ministry such as ours that has been sued, chewed, and tattooed; that blazed the trail, so that John and his troublemaker followers can ride our coattails.

If these men were really called by God to preach the gospel why is it that they are only screaming the gospel outside an abortion mill? Why aren’t they preaching outside Muslim mosques? Because they are cowards. They are there to condemn and attack women and little girls. How many have they converted with this approach? 

This past Saturday we began in prayer after setting up. Daniel wrapped individual roses to be handed to the abortion-bound mothers as an offer of real love on Valentine’s Day to hopefully touch their hearts as they contemplated their child’s death. But John was full of the devil. He was on what has been referred to as “krazy korner” screaming all morning. We played soft prayer music to try and calm his hate speech.  Faith & Freedom Family Ministries leaders Peggy Dresden and Nolan Clayton then came over to the front sidewalk and stood chatting with one another.

Daniel, Jess, Ken, myself, Lisa, and Savanah were all working the perimeters of the abortion mill as cars with mothers were piling inside. John kept screaming. Ken was getting discouraged as none of the mothers took his rose and literature he was offering them before they went inside. We began apologizing for the screaming man. Some of the mothers acknowledged our efforts and thanked us.

From the sidewalk we heard a commotion. Then we heard this blood curdling scream from a child. Again we heard it and we ran to the alley where we saw John standing and blocking a man holding his little girl’s hand. John was screaming directly at the little girl who was then standing by herself. The father was off to the side screaming for John to stop it. John Baliff was attacking this little girl yelling at her, “They’re killing babies in there,” and something about “fornication and murder”.

By that time we had made it up to the scene. Both escorts were trying to pull him back. He would not let up. The guard came out running to our aid. I grabbed the little girl who was screaming at the top of her lungs. “John, stop it. Get away from her.” This little girl’s father was threatening to get his gun from his car and shoot him for what he was doing. I signaled to the father, “He’s nuts, he is not with us. He is mental.” The father’s face changed a little and I looked at the girl. I scooped her up. “It’s gonna be okay. You can stop screaming. He is not going to hurt you. It’s gonna be okay,” and I wrapped my arms around her and prayed the police would arrive and arrest John for what he was doing to this 3 year old. I wiped her tears. This was horrible.

Angela comforting 3 year old

The guard and escorts helped us get the man and daughter away from John. Tyrel and his daughter were attempting to go inside and get his pregnant little sister out of the mill. I had spoken with Tyrel earlier in the morning as he was sitting in the car on his phone. He was speaking to his sister inside talking her out of the abortion. It was only minutes later that he began walking towards the entrance with his 3 year old when John Baliff began attacking the little girl. He did not speak to her father; he just began screaming in this little girl’s face and would not back down.

terrified little girl holding Angela as guard and escorts look on


Today the deathscort and the anti-abortionist crossed enemy lines and worked in agreement as we feverishly did damage control this day. The father was very upset and continued threatening to take care of John Baliff. “That’s my daughter! He had no right to do that to her.” We both agreed and apologized profusely to him. The father took the girl from my arms and began placing her in the car seat of his car.  Franklin , the deathscort, looked at me and said, “Angela, I have never seen that. I looked into John’s eyes and saw hate. Angela, where was the compassion?” I knew Franklin was shook up. I told him, Franklin , now you know what we have been dealing with down here. I know God is the answer and still in control, but what can I do Franklin ?” I asked. He just shook his head.

deathscort intervening between angered father and screaming false prophet

Our attention turned towards the father. I asked him if I could run to my van for a treat for his little girl. He said, “Yes,” and I took off running in my boots. All along the way, the prayer warriors with our ministry commented how awful that scene was. I asked them to keep praying against the demons. The seminarians showed up and others began filling them in on what just happened. I grabbed a handful of treats and ran back to their car and noticed Bill Gover, another troublemaker, was slapping John Baliff on the back as gesturing, “Good job.” And he was laughing. Daniel noticed it too, went over to Mr. Gover, and told him, “There is nothing funny about what that imbecile just did. And if you are with him, you’re as bad as he is.”

As we comforted the little girl with the treats, the father told us he was just going in there to get his little sister out. “He had no right to attack my daughter.” I offered, “He is a coward and it was wrong what he did sir. Not everyone down here is with our ministry.” Then Franklin explained our ministry to the man. Franklin said, “Angela and I do not believe the same way, but we can agree that what John Baliff did today was terribly wrong.” I then told the father, “John has killed more babies with his mouth than the abortionist has killed with his knives.”

The father eventually calmed down, thanked us, and gave us a hug. I looked in at the little girl who was holding one of our lovely red roses and told her how precious she was and, “I am so sorry that man screamed and frightened you. God loves you.” I had given her all the treats and told her if she had brothers and sisters to share with them. She thanked me and they drove off the lot.

Franklin stood there and said, “Angela, I have never looked in a man’s eyes and seen what I have seen today.” He then said, “Thank goodness for tootsie pops.” I said, “Yes Franklin, but those suckers are temporary. My concern is what that little girl will remember this day.”

As we returned to the front sidewalk, Nolan was patting John on the back and checking out early as most of the cowards do when they cause trouble. Peggy had already run off. We were left to do damage control. Ken and others came over and updated us. The guard commented, “He only wanted to get his sister out.” “I know Mike. All I could think was, ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.’” Another little baby died at the hands of those who come “In the Name of Jesus.” The troublemakers have made it very dangerous for us, and even harder to rescue babies outside the gates of hell, the devil’s playground.                 

We watched another Black American family with a Christian fish shirt on the female driver’s chest proudly walking inside to kill. We reminded her of the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill. It’s not a suggestion. You know God’s Word. He abhors a mocker.”

By this time, John Baliff was still continuing his rampage of insults to the few abortion-bound women still going inside on this day of love. But Ken, the faithful sidewalk warrior, blessed us with God’s wisdom as we all felt a little beat up today fighting demon warfare. All morning Ken kept trying to give his rose to the pregnant mothers as they pulled up to the abortion mill. He could not figure out why they would not take it, but noticed they were taking them from Daniel and others who were handing them out.

 After the altercation with John Baliff and the little girl, Ken walked over to the car where the little girl was sitting as I ran to get treats and he asked the father if he could give this little girl this beautiful rose. He said, “Yes,” and Ken placed it in her hand. She smiled. Ken said, “I felt discouraged all morning that no one was taking my rose. But God had a better plan. He wanted me to give that rose to that little girl John attacked. He wanted it for the little girl that was hurting. I hope that I showed the father that not every pro-lifer that stands in front of abortion mills is like John.” After Ken shared that story we all had tears in our eyes. “Yes, God is still in control. He will deal with those who have come to kill, steal, and destroy.”

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer; therefore, ye shall receive the greater damnation.” Matthew 23:14. What made it worse were the pro-choice Eden Theological seminarians who witnessed the entire incident held a sign at the entrance of Hope Clinic stating, “Women need compassion, not condemnation.”

Only by the grace of God, three confirmed babies were spared this day as the St Valentine’s Massacre was underway. Franklin left the abortion site earlier than usual carrying one of our roses. He now knows the truth of combat and what we are dealing with on the frontlines of the battle. “You will know a tree by its fruits.” Matthew 6:16.  

            Colossians 3:12 “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.”

            “You’ve been so patient with us, Lord, though we are slow to hear; give us the grace to show such love to those we hold so dear.” ~K. De Haan


            Be encouraged ~Angela


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