"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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The Shame of Notre Dame

May 19, 2009

Written By Angela Michael

“One of the highest responsibilities we have is to ensure the well-being of our children.”

~ President Barack Obama, New York Times, February 4, 2009

We abolished slavery, we overcame bigotry, but we still kill our children.

The shame of Notre Dame is the same shame that was exposed here in the Catholic diocese of Springfield , Illinois , in particular Granite City , with the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church. The Church allowed an abortionist to be chief of obstetrics and on staff at formerly named St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Hospital , conveniently located across the street from the Midwest ’s largest late-term baby killing mill. Years ago, we spoke at a Right to Life awards banquet where the Springfield , IL bishop was in attendance asking him to either remove the abortionist from the Catholic hospital or take Catholic off of the hospital sign. He chose the latter. Praise God!

The South Bend bishop D’Arcy chose not to attend the commencement instead of confronting the travesty and demanding the University to rescind its invitation to the most pro-abortion president in our history, Barack Obama. He took the coward’s way out of the situation. This university had months to do something about this and did nothing. Randall Terry stated: “This entire debacle of Notre Dame has been an act of defiance to the Church, and betrayal of the babies who are dying from abortion. We grieve that this speech ever took place, and that the local bishop did not do all he could do to stop this from happening.”

As a matter of fact, where was most of the Catholic Church hierarchy? There should have been hundreds of bishops standing with us outside one of the nation’s leading Catholic Universities. Thank God for the few who did speak out against this hypocrisy including Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life who held a counter rally for students and families who chose not to attend this event.

Bishop D’Arcy, do you ignore cancer or do you confront cancer? You confront it. Evil is a cancer in society. The only way to eradicate the cancer of evil from society is to confront it.

            What a great start in life for these graduating students to see thousands of “community organizers” showing them the social injustices in today’s world.


 The Rebuke

     The Michael family joined hundreds of other “community organizers” outside the gates of Notre Dame University on Sunday, May 17th to let Barack Obama and the world know that you cannot be Catholic and pro-choice. It was an outrage for Notre Dame President Father Jenkins to invite President Obama to give the commencement address and also receive an honorary degree from the University.


      We were able to stand with former Presidential candidate and Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, Randall Terry founder of Operation Rescue, and many other Christians to show the shame of Notre Dame that flies in the face of God and Catholic teachings. People from all across the United States came to proclaim the truth of abortion and the many lies that Barack Obama perpetrates. He and his wife Michelle claim to love children and promote the safety of innocent human beings, yet in another breath promote child killing at any age and stage of life. 


    Outside the main entrance of Notre Dame, which by the way was located on “Angela Blvd.”, hundreds of protestors were lined up on the sidewalks. Most were holding signs, some depicting what an abortion really looks like. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was present with its large gap signs. Truth Trucks showing the violence of abortion and hypocrisy of Mr. and Mrs. Obama drove up and down the busy streets around the Notre Dame campus. Across the street from the Notre Dame entrance were 15-20 pro-choicers chanting the usual pro-death slogans. Many cars drove by honking in support of the pro-lifers. The media was present snapping pictures of the various pro-life signs and billboards and conducting interviews. Many arrests were made including Dr. Keyes and Miss Norma McCorvey in the past few days leading up to the event.

During the commencement speech several pro-lifers interrupted yelling, “Abortion kills children!” and, “Abortion is murder!” and were removed from the event and arrested. Mr. Obama tried to shrug the interruptions off and went on to talk about the controversy of his appearance at Notre Dame. In his speech, he told the 2,900 graduates that while the two sides may never agree on the issue, there is still some common ground. “We can still agree that this is a heart-wrenching decision for any woman to make, with both moral and spiritual dimensions.”

Mr. Obama, I invite you to come and stand outside our abortion mill alone in Granite City and watch how many women go in there mocking our efforts, bragging how many abortions they have underwent, and mocking God. As mothers and their accomplices pull up in their BMWs, Mercedes, and Cadillac Escalades, the only “heart-wrenching decisions” on their minds are “Visa or Mastercard?”, “Tuesday or Thursday?”

But Mr. Obama wants to play with the emotional heartstrings of our nation. He took an oath to protect our country and its citizens, and yet signs and insures the demise of its weakest and outcast and refuses to acknowledge their very existence.   

            After we were outside the entrance for almost two hours, Mr. Terry gathered the pro-life protestors together and directed everyone to gather at the campus exit located by the Interstate that President Obama would soon be departing through. As we arrived at the Douglas St. exit, we viewed many police officers and state troopers on the scene. They directed us to stand a certain distance from the intersection. Proclaimers lined up around the intersection so Mr. Obama would be able to view what choice really looks like. Jack Ames of Baltimore , MD lead the crowd in chanting “Life yes, Obama No!” as Obama left the campus in the Presidential motorcade.


As the motorcade came by us, we stood with our signs, “What if His Momma Had Aborted Obama?”  We confronted Mr. Obama with these signs in Springfield , Illinois in February 2007 where he announced his candidacy for President in bitter cold weather on the steps where Abraham Lincoln once stood. His limo slowed down, then sped past us onto the interstate. Convict him God.

It was encouraging to be with a great group of devoted Christians that realize the evils of the world and the grave mistake that Fr. Jenkins and Notre Dame University have committed. These dedicated people were not afraid to stand for their faith in the face of adversity. As far as ruining the commencement, would you wait until the train wrecks to tell passengers that there is an obstacle on the track?


This is how the devil comes: to rob, kill, and destroy. You expect the devil to come with horns and a tail, but to the contrary. Evil slowly creeps in and bit by bit chews away at the moral fabric in our religious institutions, churches, families, and our very moral foundations. Eventually given enough time just like termites, our structures are weakened, our principles and standards are eroded to just a pile of worthless dust. Is it any wonder why we see so many Christians and Catholics alike using surgical abortion for birth-control?

   Whenever there is injustice, we must speak out and take a stand against the evil that has swallowed up our fractured nation. Let us be the ones that He can depend on to be His remnant of justice as we set a standard in our nation. We are His voice, His hands and feet as we do what we know He would do if He were here in the flesh. Yes, this is God’s war, but He asks us, His people, to show up for the battle. God will not bless our nation; He will not be mocked.

            We cannot isolate ourselves in our homes and churches while our nation is made blasphemous before Almighty God. There can be no more compromise, no more common ground. It is time to take up the cross. It is time to lay down our lives for others who cannot speak for themselves.

Proverbs 29: 26 “Many seek an audience with a ruler, but it is from the Lord that man gets justice.”


            Be encouraged ~Angela

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