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June 18, 2009

Who Are the Violent Ones?

Young Pro-lifer Assaulted at Granite City Abortion Mill


                                               Mia Michael attending to toddler while                                 Granite City Police investigating crime scene 

                                                                mother inside ultrasound van                                                  outside Hope abortion mill


            Once again, the Michael family was targeted outside the infamous Midwest’s largest late-term abortion mill, Hope Clinic, in Granite City , IL . It was another unprovoked attack on gentle Christian warriors in this 102 degree heat wave.
           20 year old Mia Michael was assaulted by pro-choice Obama supporter, Kerri Wallace, 32 years old from Arnold , Missouri , who thought she could punch and beat Mia and then steal her camera from her. The assailant came to the murder mill with another female from Missouri . She and her friend went into the clinic, came out sometime later, and drove off. Chief abortionist Yogendra Shah pulled into the garage a few minutes before they exited

The attacker then came back on foot, punched Mia Michael, and tried to steal her camera. Angela and Daniel Michael chased the woman to her car. The woman attempted to run over Mia with her car and then turned her car in an attempt to hit Daniel who jumped out of the way. She then squealed her wheels and almost lost control of her car as she sped down 20th street .   

When the Granite City Police arrived, the Michaels gave them the license plate of the attacker and filled out a report. “If this were a Christian pro-lifer attacking a pro-choicer they would be in jail by now.” Who are the violent ones? The ones inside chopping up the babies for a price? Or the ones trying to save and adopt them?

The Michaels, who have maintained a daily, peaceful presence outside this murder mill for over 16 years, operate Small Victories Ministry, a pregnancy outreach to abortion-bound women and their children. This is the 8th time in the last few years that someone in the Michael family has been a victim of a crime outside this abortion mill.

You know you are effective when the devil comes against you. He’s not attacking the once-a-year wonders or the phonies who are screaming and yelling at women as they enter Hope Clinic. He didn’t go after the trouble-makers hiding under the shade tree. He attacked a godly 20 year old who loves the Lord, and stands for truth, righteousness, and mothers and their pre-born babies.

The deathcamp assistant director Deb Wiehart came out and refused to give the attacker’s name. The local police asked the Michaels to move their ultrasound van as it was parked halfway in the yellow zone. We noticed several other cars parked in the yellow zone, one completely blocking a fire hydrant, yet only the ultrasound van was asked to move.

  The sergeant informed the Michael family an arrest warrant was issued for the attacker.

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.