"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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 I Have a Dream

By Rev. Charles LaCroix

Foreword by Angela Michael, Baby Abolitionist 

   "Black Americans are dying at a higher rate and the leading cause is abortion, immorality, and apathy. We recently honored MLK Jr. day. Black History month is just around the corner, and we are off to a shameful start as we witness daily disproportionately our Black brothers and sisters literally being lynched right before our eyes inside this abortion mill. Not one Black pastor, let alone the Black community will stand in the gap because there is a fog in the pulpit and a mist in the pews. The Black woman's womb has unfortunately become a tomb. The worst form of racism is to kill your own child and for the church to stand by and give its seal of approval with the silence of their lips."


            I have a dream where sanity meshes with reality. Where right is right and wrong is wrong. Where good is called good and evil is called evil. Where people acknowledge the true sentiments that lie deep within the bowels of their hearts. I have a dream, where precious little babies are held up in the highest esteem. Where they are not denied their very lives because of age or place of residence. Where the baby inside the womb has the same rights as those of babies outside the womb.

            I have a dream, where once again, the womb will be the safest haven on earth; a warm and nurturing refuge. Where the intra-uterine child can freely enjoy her playground; kicking, jumping, blinking, sticking out her tongue: all the things her brothers and sisters are doing on the outside.

            I h have a dream, where the child is valued higher than the purest gold, a sacred gift from our Creator. Who could reject an offering form the creator; this gift with all her miraculous marvels? Who could not accept this present; the likes of which has never been seen before and never will be seen again?

            I have a dream, where churches will act like churches. Where they will jettison themselves from their comfort zones of tax-exempt status and public respectability. Where church people will boldly act like abortion is murder. Where shepherds will care less about what will happen to the collection plates and more about what happens to the souls of their flocks.

            I have a dream where the laws of this country will do that which they were meant to do: protect the rights of the weak and vulnerable. Where there are laws which buttress life, rather than help destroy it; laws that punish the criminal and extricate the innocent.

            I have a dream, where politicians vote according to what is morally just and not what will garner them the most votes in the next election. Where elected public officials seek to promote that which is good for society and not that which is good for their careers.

            I have a dream, where a society learns the valuable lessons of the past. Where a society learns from the American slavery tragedy and from the horror of the Nazi holocaust; that a person is a person, no matter how much the evil forces try to suppress this fact.

            I have a dream, where a society embraces the facts given to it by medical science which unequivocally submits that life begins at fertilization and at no other time; a life that is uniquely its own, with its own blood type and genetic code. Where a society listens to such truths and acts accordingly.

            I have a dream, of a society that cares more about the life of a human being than it does of material wealth or personal comfort. Where the sacredness of a child has more value than one’s public image or social status.

            I have a dream, where those who stand to defend life are encouraged and not persecuted. Where pro-lifers are met with acclamation and not with ridicule, jail sentences, loss of jobs and homes, and degradation. Where abortionists are jailed and pro-lifers are commended.

            I have a dream, where true feminists will revert back to their original declaration that abortion is anti-woman, recognizing that it ends one life and shatters another. Where to be a feminist means to rejoice in the unique ability to nurture the miracle in the womb.

            I have a dream, where doctors will once again be those who serve to uphold life and not destroy it. Where physicians will once again be respected and trusted, and not suspected and feared.

            I have a dream, where millions of couples, longing to adopt a child of their very own, can do so without waiting many agonizing years due to the shortage of available infants, a shortage due to abortion. That women in difficult situations will realize that there is always a loving family waiting to receive a much longed for addition.

            I have a dream, where the person in the womb will be recognized for her intrinsic value and will never be punished for the sins of her father. Where doctors will recognize that they have obligations to both their patients: mother and child; and will never do anything to purposely endanger the lives of either of them.

            I have a dream, where public authorities follow the law that is written in their hearts and will serve to uphold and defend human life no matter what the statute says. Where law enforcement officials will tell their superiors that they will not be an accomplice to a crime against humanity.

            I have a dream, of a world that recognizes how fearfully and wonderfully made the child in the womb is, known by the Creator. Where a child can be baptized in living waters and not in her own blood.

            Yes, I have a dream, of a world that acknowledges that God gives life and that He alone takes it. From the Great Wall of China ; to the land Down Under; to the land of the free; Let them live, let them live: may mercy be upon us, let them live!

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