"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Small Victories Shines

at Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

“You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of gladness with Your presence.” Acts 2:28

January 28, 2010
Written By: Taylor Michael

We arrived early in Belleville , Illinois and began setting up as mom remained in the ultrasound van giving an hour-long radio interview. She was asked to speak and show a live ultrasound as a powerful send-off to thousands of youth before they boarded their buses to attend the 37th Annual March for Life in Washington , D.C.  


When the service started, they began with praise and worship. Kids began filling in as we were setting up in the secluded area where my mom was to perform a live ultrasound. The event coordinator interviewed mom and asked her to speak on her ministry. He inquired, “Have you ever saved a baby?” That’s when mom motioned to my dad to bring my baby sister Hannah-Noelle up. Mom told the overflowing auditorium how she started 17 years ago from our family van and turned it into a pregnancy center on wheels equipped with pregnancy supplies and an ultrasound machine outside the “gates of hell”. Our ministry is literally a “Window to the Womb”. Once an abortion-bound mother sees that little life growing in her womb, she cannot destroy it.

Mom refers to herself as “Womb Service” and gave a short testimony on how Hannah-Noelle was saved one cold, dark night from this abortion mill and adopted. She told the youth, “You guys are pilgrims blazing the trails as you go off to Washington D.C. We need your energy, your ideas, and your enthusiasm, and it’s your generation that can turn this around. We can, just like in Joshua, rebuild the walls and restore a culture of life.”  

When she was finished speaking to the youth, the youth minister introduced the pregnant couple and mom asked, “Are you ready?” They proceeded to the secluded area where this was to be performed. Mom put on the microphone and announced, “It’s showtime!” Meanwhile, the cameramen and videographers were getting the camera ready for all the youth to see up on a big screen. There appeared on the screen a perfectly formed unborn baby. Mom talked the audience through the ultrasound basically as if she was talking to an abortion-minded girl.


The baby was auditioning for the audience. She pointed out the heartbeats, and the crowd listened to the galloping beats and applauded. Mom told the couple it was a little early to be determining the sex, but when the baby repositioned itself, it appeared to be a baby girl. Mom announced it and the crowd, which included youth directors, ministers, and priests, cheered and applauded.

Afterwards, the event coordinator and others came backstage and thanked mom. Mom came out and shook hands with everyone before they started the mass. It was a great send off to our future generation, to see what we fight for in the trenches outside the Midwest’s largest abortion mill in Granite City everyday. The more and more we keep chipping away at the walls of lies, eventually, just like in Jericho , they will come tumbling down. Everyone was encouraged and kept coming up to mom and thanking her as we were exiting carrying our supplies and equipment to the van as the crowded Shrine mass was beginning. It was an honor and a pleasure to share our ministry and put a face on life.

As my mom would say, “Be encouraged.”

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
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