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   “Truth” is the Eyesore in Granite City  

Power corrupts the few, but weakness corrupts many
October 9, 2011
Written by Angela Michael

This town of approx 31,000 and dwindling is so full of evil and corruption that a book listing Granite City as one of the “Absolutely worst places to live in America (by Dave Gilmartin),” has been written detailing its deplorable cultural conditions. Concerning the local hospital (at the time, “St Elizabeth”) many years ago we exposed the relationship and collusion between this former Catholic place of healing and the abortion mill. The “Christian” organization actually retained the main abortionist as the hospital’s chief of obstetrics! We invoked the scriptures at a pro-life function to the former bishop, exposing the heresy: “You cannot serve two masters.” We requested that they do one of two things: Take Catholic off their hospital sign or get rid of the abortionist. They eventually chose the first option. Unfortunately, it appears the collusion and corruption between the abortion mill and the hospital has elevated. Instead of attacking the message…they attack the messenger.


            I had to hold my laughter on that one.  It was one of the many comments yelled at us by the CEO who informed us of how much he hated us and absolutely detested our ultrasound van.  This occurred this past Tuesday afternoon as the midnight abortions were underway inside the slaughterhouse located less than 100 feet across from his pristine hospital.  

It all started as the two of us, a 91 year old prayer veteran and I, stood on the edge of the main sidewalk in front of the abortion mill praying.  We noticed this very tall male walk up to our ultrasound van.  All of a sudden, he looked inside our van. “Excuse me, can I help you?” “Oh, I’m just checking to make sure you’re parked legally.”  I asked, “And you are…?” “The CEO of this hospital,” he finished.  “What business is it of yours?” I inquired.  “Because I don’t want this eyesore parked in front of my hospital.  I hate you, but I detest that thing!”  he yelled pointing at the ultrasound van.  “I can’t stand the sight of it in front of my beautiful hospital.”  I replied,  “Shame on you.  That ‘thing’ has saved over 4000 babies, which has brought a lot of revenue into your hospital.”


He retorted that he had saved 3500 jobs inside the hospital.  I corrected him, “No, you didn’t. God did.  That stimulus package from the federal government saved those jobs.”   That’s when his jaw hit the floor.  He didn’t intimidate me, and I didn’t back down.  “That’s (the abortion mill) the eyesore; that’s the blight that has brought all of the problems on this city.  God is never going to bless that hospital or this city until the shedding of innocent blood stops.”

            I showed him the pictures of the two saved babies we have personally adopted.  “These babies were saved and born in your hospital.   I brought money into your hospital. How dare you talk to us this way and have such disregard for that ultrasound van.”   He replied that we were the problem in Granite City and that I have given Granite City a black eye.  “The rest of the town feels this way too,” he pouted.   He went on to say that he has tried everything to get rid of us.

            I responded, “You do not own that street. The taxpayers paid for that street.  There is so much corruption in this city. You and the mayor put your heads together, and you turned this street into four blocks of handicap parking. Really?  Really, you need four blocks of handicap parking?”

            This was just more confirmation of the collaborating between the mayor, the hospital, and the abortion mill including tactics of outrageously priced parking tickets by the local gestapo and kicking us off of the hospital parking lots.  Understand, it takes busloads of imported foot soldiers to pray with us outside this slaughterhouse.  Some drive over three hours to get here, and then hospital goons harass them and kick them off of their spacious parking lots.  Yet, abortion staffers and abortion clients are allowed to park on the very same lots without tickets or being threatened. Why, if the hospital is not collaborating with this abortion mill?  

            Over the years, this hospital has done nothing to rid itself of the real problem in Granite City ; serial killer, Yogendra Shah, continues to be on staff at Gateway.  “You have habitually covered up his botched abortions (aka medical complications),”  I informed the CEO.  “We have helped women that have been butchered by this abortionist and others inside Hope Clinic.  You’ve given aid to the enemy, and yet you persecute us who save babies, save women, and help women file lawsuits against the abortion mill. You deliberately undermined us along with the corrupt officials in this town.”   He mentioned that he and the mayor were working on another project.  “I am not the problem. That,”  I continued, pointing to the abortion mill, “is the problem.  We stand for the truth and we show women the truth.  You do everything to cover it up and try to destroy a ministry that is down here standing for righteousness and helping women in this deplorable town where there is no help.  How dare you.”  

            As my confrontation with him was ending, a crack addict from across the street came from behind and began calling me all sorts of filthy labels.  She asked how she was going to explain the graphic picture of Baby Malachi to her four year old son. I replied, “If you will quit screaming obscenities, I will try and talk. That sign is not bothering your child as much as it is bothering you.  If that sign is so horrible, then why are you allowing it to happen just across the street from your house?”


            Then, the belligerent death camp guard “Absalom,” aka James Lewis, joined the attack.  I felt like a gladiator in the Coliseum.  I had a trowel in one hand and the sword of the spirit in the other.  I gave them the truth, and truth is the problem in Granite City .  That’s why we are hated.  “Mr. Lewis, I have done nothing but be polite to you in the five months that you have been employed here at this slaughterhouse.  Today, you are showing me your true character.”  He held both of his middle fingers up as he called me a M....F……B…. a racist B…. and he would take care of me if I was over in Missouri .

            One woman was being attacked by all of these bullies!  We still ended up having two saves throughout this contentious afternoon.  A supposed pastor was sitting under a tree taking this all in.  After the dust settled he walked over and said, “Well, thank you for coming today.”  I noticed the earring in his ear.  I replied, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you, too, for being here.”

                         I felt like a gladiator when I got into my life-saving ultrasound van and drove all the way back home.  I kept asking God to touch their hearts, let them hear the cries of the innocent and wake the churches up from their slumber because the innocent blood is crying for justice.

            The following Friday morning that same CEO was spotted parking on the relocated physicians’ parking lot and made his way to the front sidewalk of the abortion mill where he ran into Daniel who snapped his picture.  Mr. Bethell asked why he was taking his picture.   Daniel replied, “You were the man harassing my wife the other day.”   It took the CEO a few moments to recollect.  “Ah yes, that lovely creature,”  he stated and continued his walk inside the hospital.         

I think it says a lot when one woman can persevere no matter what the enemy throws her way. When you are being attacked on all fronts, you must be doing something right, or else you would not be a threat to Satan and his demons.  “If I perish, I perish”.

This crumbling city can throw paint on buildings and create million dollar makeovers around city hall, but the blood of over 400,000 innocent babies fills their streets and washes up to the churches’ doors.  It’s time to grow some guts and stand up to this tyranny in Granite City.   Killing innocent babies is evil and the most heinous act in God’s eyes, and it’s time to say so and do something about cutting off Satan’s bloodline in this spiritually and economically starved city.  Only then can God bless and turn around the City of Slaughter into a City of God . In Luke 19:41, Jesus wept over the sin and corruption that devastated Jerusalem .  The same is happening today in the City of Slaughter as He witnesses the havoc in our world and the injustice and inhumanity that sin brings about. God delivered the Israelites; He can deliver this city.   

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
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