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Eat, Drink, and Be Mary

Pridefest 2012 June 23-24



      Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is their shame,      who mind earthly things?” Philippians 3:18-19

Written by: Angela Michael


100_4613Under sunny skies, as the temperature flirted with the century mark, we stood in the thick crowds of St. Louis Pride, awaiting the annual parade on Sunday, the second day of Pridefest. Yesterday, Saturday, marked the pet parade and the commitment ceremonies.  Today’s crowds seemed larger and the barricades which our ministry is accredited for were already lining the streets. You see, in years past we were able to walk right up to the honorable Mayor Francis Slay as he went by and give him an open rebuke for leading this abomination but, after two years of this, he had enough and barricades went up. Oh well. The smell of booze and cigarettes filled the sultry skies. This would prove to be the hottest day of the year so far, and the largest pride fest to date; with reportedly over 100 thousand revelers in attendance both days, and approximately 200 vendors inside the park in support of Gay pride.


  100_4548 The crowds swelled as the parade began with sirens blaring and Catholic Mayor Francis Slay leading the debacle.  The gay police force made its way down the parade route to cheers from the crowd. St Louis politicians and hopefuls running for office made their way down the street shaking hands and handing out literature; emboldened, no doubt, by President Obama’s recently coming out in support of gay marriage. Funny, when the Obama float and walkers went by, there were no cheers. The young adults next to us commented that “He waited too long to show his support” and “They realize he needs our votes; that’s why he did it.”  The adults were “not sure they would vote for him again.” Wow!  We were wedged against the barricades with homosexuals on either side of us, so we had some interesting conversations and heard many comments regarding homosexuality and entrants in the parade.                                                                          


   The officials kept encouraging the crowds to show their pride and scream pride, but from all our years of witnessing at this event it seems to be mainly a display of drunkenness and barely dressed men and women. Yes, it appears that pride stands for lewd and lascivious behavior as the “shock value” parade entries showed their nakedness or their emulating sex acts and displayed vulgar signs.  Indeed, it appears “pride” is not just your sexual orientation but, anything that goes against the grain. An act of rebellion.  Our daughter made an interesting observation, “Why is it that gays can get by with parading their sin and nakedness and it’s acceptable, but if straight people paraded down the street naked and drunk: it would be a scandal and someone would be going to jail?”           


   It wouldn’t be a pride fest parade without the transvestites and drag queens, the same old same old. And, of course there were the aging drag queens and gay octogenarians sitting in the Lambada cars attempting the princess wave. So sad. They should be playing shuffle board and drinking lemonades somewhere in Florida. Several sponsors, not surprisingly, Macy’s, Starbucks, Absolute Vodka, Budlight, Monsanto, ID Lubricant, to name a few, walked by. There were representatives from Barnes- Jewish Hospital and the St. Louis Public Library had two lesbian librarians driving the mobile library unit, with signs of support. Is nothing sacred? They just ruined a fond childhood memory. The gay marriage float consisting of two balloon rings drew applause and cheers.  And yes, in case you’re wondering, my deathscort friends from Hope Clinic were sprinkled in the parade.  They didn’t walk with the Planned Parenthood group, however. Just the same, they were walking in support of gay pride.                       


    The most vulgar signs were held by the Planned Parenthood grey-white haired lesbians sitting in the V.W. bug. One read ‘We Protect Your Vagina!”..another read “VAGINA” “VAGINA”,”VAGINA”..I’m thinking to myself, “What do lesbians and homosexuals care about protecting a vagina! Neither one can get pregnant!  Doesn’t Planned Parenthood cater to heterosexuals, too?”   Go figure. But we did realize this: homosexuals and baby killers both love death and serve the same master, that being Satan.  Oh, and it got raunchier; and the parade was too long in this heat.  The floats and groups were spaced too far apart. We felt so sorry for the poor pooches in this parade. It was too hot!  The homosexual next to me kept trying to get me to jump up and down with him or begged me to feel how hard his nipples were when another barely dressed float entrant came by.  When I declined he said, “Oh, that’s right, you’re into vaginas anyway”.  Whatever,” I thought.                                        


  I began asking him why he comes here. He shared his sad childhood in Northeastern Missouri.  He could never come out then.  Just then the militant “growing gay youth” group came by.  Their numbers have sharply increased as they screamed in our faces and were five hundred strong! The gay guy next to me then said “I wish I would have had that kind of support when I was growing up.” Then the burlesques academy and pole dancers came by. Last year it took our breath away: this year it was nauseating.   Mostly overweight women walking topless in their Bermuda shorts or underwear.   Please understand, this is all going on in front of little kids! I asked the little boy next to me if he was having fun.   He said, “No”.  I said, “I bet you would rather be swimming or playing ball?”  He shook his head up and down, and walked away.                                                                     


100_4658    A group of young adults took his place on the barricades next to me.  The most wicked part of the parade was just coming by. This section contained the deluded American Churches; mostly United Churches of Christ, although there were a few other church groups peppered in this pride fest parade.  But when these churches came by. this group of kids next to me all started giving their approval and commented how ”they felt validated,” because the churches said,” it’s okay to be gay”.  Some of their twisted scripture signs read, God Says to Love One Another.  God Wants U 2 Be U! Gay by God. God is still Speaking” ad nauseum.   Indignation was running up my sweaty neck. Maybe someone noticed J But these wolves dressed as pastors in their starched finery waved as the crowd cheered; their presence seemingly giving God’s approval of this debauchery.                                                                                           


100_4639These shepherds are called to lead their sheep and here they are saying’luv, luv, one another,” and also giving their approval to abortion. They are leading their flocks alright; straight to hell.  It incensed me to hear these kids saying, “I’m so glad the churches approve”.  Churches namely: Catholic Action Network for Social Justice, Trinity Episcopal, Second Presbyterian, Third Baptist, Metropolitan Community Church, Light of Love Fellowship, Jewish Communities Churches, “Shalom”!  But you know why false churches are here?  Because we, the real church of Jesus Christ, refuse to show up for these battles! I tell you, if there were 100 genuine churches standing along this parade route, maybe it would make a difference.                                                                                                                         


 I ask you; where in the Bible does God say it’s okay to have sex with another man or another woman?  Please point it out.  This seems to be what this parade is all about; having sex with the same sex. It’s the churches fault that this country is being destroyed from within. Gay pride and homosexuality is just one of the manifestations of the enemy.  The Fox 2 camera man zoomed in on the kids next to me and actually interviewed the male; the girl was afraid to be seen on camera. The cameraman offered, “Don’t compare our station to the Fox national affiliate. We are nothing like them!” Wow! He is probably gay too.  Listen, my thoughts at that time were consumed by one thought; “We, conservative America, have lost the war.  Evil is taking over because we are M.I.A. and our churches are full of sanctimonious hypocrites. They are there just going through the motions. No confrontational types. And, we are losing our kids!  Losing them to the immoral filth filling our schools, TV’s, music, and the social network. We, meanwhile, stupidly and cowardly keep putting the responsibility of raising our children in the hands of others.  This is why we witnessed so many more young people at this event today.  We, the Catfish Christians refuse to get involved or confront what is evil and we just resign ourselves to “getting along.”  God help us!                       


 A silent killer is destroying the very moral fabric of this once great nation as we stand by silently and play church. We keep depending on Washington D.C. to fix us. WAKE UP!  Everyone, including the homosexuals, are coming out. Everyone, that is, except for the real Christian believers!  You know, I looked into the faces of a lot of homosexuals on this day and their eyes are really sad. Oh, they try and cover it up with multiple relationships and alcohol, but, inside they are sad.  The one redeeming spot in today’s mission was as we were leaving the park we were confronted gently by two young men with a sign saying, “Would You Like to Know Jesus?”



    It caught my eye and one young man noticed.  He then handed me a piece of paper, a tract, I thanked him and kept walking. Yes, they were gently witnessing to the homosexual community, in love.  No screaming or condemnation.  I opened the tract as I walked and read it.  My eyes filled with tears as I read about this loving man called Jesus and how much he loved the sinners.  He loved them so much that he loved them out of their sinful lifestyle and ways.  There is HOPE after all!  I commend this wonderful ministry headed by Steve Cohen, The Apple of His Eye.org ministries.                                                            


Thank You Lord for today and the gentle witnessing and for those lives that may have been saved. Keep sending your messengers, God. You can still redeem us and really bless this nation and heal our land. Sin leads to an eternal death, and I don’t want that for anyone.” 


Ezekiel 3:18-19When I say to a wicked man,” You will surely die”, and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood.  But if you do warn the wicked man and he does not turn form his wickedness, or evil ways, he will die for his sin: but you will have saved yourself.” 

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