"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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"IT WAS THE FEAR OF GOD", that changed my mind..

         Written by Angela Michael

    August 14, 2012

 It was righteous indignation rising up our backsides on this hot, triple-digit Tuesday as midnight abortions were underway. She walked up to the entrance of the slaughterhouse with her very pregnant belly protruding over the lip of her pants. Her friend accompanied her and kept looking over at us as we softly offered her other options instead of aborting her large baby. We told her, "The only choice your baby girl or boy gets is scissors or suction to the back of their head. You would not do that to a puppy or a kitten; how can you do that to your own flesh and blood?" No response; they went inside.

More late-term abortion-bound mothers continued to arrive and we kept softly offering them another way out of their situation. It's always wrong to take an innocent life, but why do these abortion-bound mothers wait until they are so far along in their pregnancies to kill their babies? It was disgusting to witness this all afternoon. Then by the grace of God, both women came back out. We met them at the driveway of the slaughterhouse. Daniel was already engaged talking, and the very pregnant woman was holding our brochure and smiling. She confirmed that she was over 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and that she was not going through with the late-term abortion. Praise God!

Lately, we have been encountering abortion-bound couples who unashamedly, tell us that they admit what they are doing is wrong, but believe that God will forgive them. It has been flying in our faces, but especially in God's face outside this late-term abortion mill for some time to the point that we recently addressed the pitiful situation just last week and posted an article on our website. It has received many reviews across the internet. Sadly, our nation does not have any shame anymore. Our ministry has asked the question, "Where is the fear of God?"

Well, amazingly, today we got an answer. "Tika" and her friend told us when we asked what changed her mind that it was the fear of God. Her friend said, "I kept telling her this was wrong, then we saw you all, and we listened to watch you." Tika added, "When I got inside there up on that table, I felt fear." I asked her, "You know the Lord?" "Yes ma'am. I know Jesus." Praise the Lord! There is still hope for this nation and the Church. This is what we have been softly preaching outside the slaughterhouse. "Only God can give life and only God can take life. He is our ultimate Judge. When we go before the throne on Judgment Day, and it's coming, what will we say?"

Both girls hugged us and thanked us for speaking to them and getting their attention. We ran to the ultrasound van and brought back two gift bags for a baby boy full of supplies and gifts for mom and baby. They promised to keep in touch.

Listen saints, today was more proof, that, God has not given up on this sinful nation, more than likely, due to a handful of holy and prayerful warriors. Let us not give up on God. We are in the fourth quarter, and there are two minutes left on the clock.

Be encouraged,

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