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                                     Written by Angela Michael

                                            August 1, 2012


      And where is the outcry? Where is Al Sharpton? Or the NAACP? A young African-American woman was murdered on a table in back of an abortion mill in Chicago, and there is a black out of media attention. Why?  Was it because a group of people killed her, and only one person killed Trayvon? Could it be the weapon used to carry out the murder of Trayvon was a gun, while Tonya was murdered with curettes and suction hoses? As you remember, there was a media blitz everyday, for weeks! for Trayvon. But only one major media outlet has reported on Tonya’s murder and death.  Press_Release July 28                                         

       Notice the contrast: Tonya and her second trimester baby died on a table. Trayvon died on a sidewalk. Trayvon Martin's family was in the center of the spotlight seeking justice. So too, are Tonya Reaves family, but there is no spotlight. Indeed, it appears that women, in particular black women, carry no value in society; especially lately. For example, here, in the St Louis area, for the past two weeks, there have been numerous gun shootings and a  marked increase of violence in the black community.  In each of these latest incidents a young women was cut down in the street and died.

       http://fox2now.com/2012/07/29/the-jaco-report-july-29-2012/ Also, it appears there is a code of silence on the streets.  No one who knows information pertaining to these violent crimes will come forth due to the “No Snitching” mentality.  Understand, people in the community know who the perpetrators are, but they won't tell!  So, where is the moral outcry?  Why are women's lives less valuable?  Is it because of the “A” word? Whatever the reason, there seems to be a double standard in society when it comes to black women dying, or any woman, for that matter, dying from a legal abortion. However, the no snitching mentality exhibited when a bad abortionist is hurting and killing women when they undergo abortions, and girls shot down in the street, is the same. Why are we accepting this substandard treatment of women?  According to medical reports, it is very clear Tonya Reaves suffered a cruel painful death from the moment she walked into the abortion mill till twelve hours later.

    During that time inside the mill where she underwent a second trimester abortion, she laid bleeding from a perforated uterus and an incomplete abortion. Once emergency personal were summoned, some five and a half hours later, she was rushed to Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago, where more time was lost due to the code of silence in the abortion mill.  Emergency physicians had to reconstruct her abortion timeline and access what led to her injuries and the underlying problems which proved to be fatal. All this cover-up delay, substandard care, negligence, cost her and her family, her life. In contrast, Trayvon's resting place was marked off with crime scene tape and a full and lengthy investigation was launched as the nation watched through the media. It was the talk of every media outlet. Marches and protest took place across cities.  There was full frontal outrage. I ask you where is the outrage and investigation and support for Tonya Reaves?                                                                                                              

      Trayvon Martin’s alleged killer was arrested, handcuffed and marched in leg shackles in front of televisions throughout our nation. In Tonya’s murder, the abortionist, the clinical director and the staff of the abortion mill, should be handcuffed and shackled and exposed in the national spotlight for the criminal activity and double standard that goes on behind abortion mill doors. Tonya Reaves, like a lot of dead women, who have suffered at the hands of abortionist, did not have to die. This was not an accident. I ask you, is five and a half hours a reasonable amount of time to lay hemorrhaging?  This woman would have survived had emergency help been summoned early on.  This was a homicide and should be treated as such.  Where is the outrage?  

  Why is the abortion industry held to a different standard than any other cold-blooded killer?   
   Different weapon: same results.  

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