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 Take Those Collars Off !


Written By: Angela Michael



Matthew 23:3 “They do not practice what they preach.”


            Shepherds in my day were someone you admired and respected for their holiness and godly character. Priests and Pastors were called to lead their flock to heaven by following the commandments and God’s teachings in the Bible.. But, lately, our Shepherd’s are leading our flocks all right... straight to HELL!    And why should we be surprised? Because over the last decade we have slowly allowed Satan another inch and another inch and another inch; destroying what was left of our morality. Yes, the church and the pew sitters have sat quietly by and, when a little revival fire does on occasion appear… the Bishops are quick to throw some water on it.  It’s just another chapter of Sodom & Gomorrah in 2014 A.D.  To add insult to injury, the degradation of any trace of morality or holiness within the church is evidenced by the fact that we have some black shirt collars running what been referred to as the “Lavender Mafia” in the Metro East.                                                                                                            


            The “Lavender Mafia” is a large underground homosexual contingent of priests operating in the Madison County and Springfield Diocese in Illinois.  Concerning these last two Bishops ( Ryan, Lucas)respectfully have been lily- livered. Oh, now and then you will read a wordy document in the diocesan paper on the evils of abortion and homosexuality, but in practice they did very little . Reportedly, priests are moved around periodically, from parish to parish. But recently these homosexual priests deliberately went after a stalwart priest for preaching the truth and living out his faith and convictions. They began a smear campaign because he “went against the current” so to say. He spoke out on homosexuality, marriage, sin and abortion. Understand, we know of several Metro East priests that are gay, pro-abortion and support the Obama regime.  Many of them have come against our vital ministry and have “black-balled” our mission. Many have tried to dissuade their parishioners from supporting our ministry by slandering us and defaming us. Why? Because we are actively out spoken on the sin of abortion and homosexuality. We were black-balled by the Springfield Diocese and Highland Knights of Columbus because we confronted the former Bishop with the cover-up and hypocrisy of the former Catholic hospital St.Elizabeth’s in Granite City and exposed their relationship and hiring of abortionist Yogendra Shah as their chief of obstetrics for over 20 years.  Bishop George Lucas 


       The Highland Knights of Columbus 1530, escorted us out from a particular speaking engagement where we received a standing ovation for speaking the truth, unfortunately, the Grand Knight, Morris Zobrist told us he spoke on behalf of his fellow knights and “they happened to believe in a woman’s right to choice. They are prochoice.  Since then, they have black listed our ministry. But we exposed them and told the truth. Just like the Protestants in Missouri, when we exposed their hiring of a prochoice speaker who worked for Naral, but was hired to speak at their Pregnancy Resource Center/Thrive prolife banquet. ‘Truth is hate to those who hate the truth”. Read: “Here She Comes Miss Missouri”                                                                               
      At a recent deanery meeting where a large contingent of priests from the Springfield Diocese gathered, our ministry was brought up by the leader Fr. Jeff Goeckner of this local Lavender Mafia group in an attempt to demean our mission and destroy our integrity. Four courageous priests stood up in our defense and spoke the truth of our live-saving work that has gone on for decades. One priest in particular told the group that “The Michael’s are doing our work, why aren’t we supporting them?” That very same priest came under fire. You see, Father Steve has been lighting fires throughout his church and this Metro East. He has more converts than I care to say due to the teachings and sermons on God’s truth; including sin and judgment. He has only been doing what God has called him to do…speak the truth. And, he has paid a huge price for his holiness. He has been a target of these disobedient priests that take no correction and have basically told the current bishop that they are “God”. They have refused to move from their parishes and one insubordinate priest actually bragged of his disobedience to his parishioners at a Sunday Mass.  He announced his refusal to move as the bishop requested, and instead he told his parishioners that, “He was their Good Shepherd” and he was not leaving as ordered. This is disobedience and rebellion.   Yes, they protect one another and they lie for one another. They have turned their churches into financial institutions. And as long as they appease and entertain those in the pews, money comes into the Springfield Diocese. In turn, the Bishop looks the other way, and allows these gay priests to live in their rebellion to the Catholic Church and its teachings. They live a religious life: not a righteous life.                                                                                                                         


            Jeremiah 5:31 The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way.” 


            And of course, those few and far in between outspoken priests who have stayed the course and made their theology their biography; have been punished by moving them as far away from society and their former on “fire for Jesus”, parishes that love and respect them, as the bishop can.  Instead, the bishop replaces the stalwart priest with a milk toast version, or worse, another homosexual priest.   Listen, I and others have had about enough of this “sloppy agape” tradition of just got to luv one another and get along.   That is why evil exists. Instead of confronting, we co-exist. Our shepherds exchange the truth for a lie. After researching and reading of the “Lavender Mafia” in the Vatican, and our own personal experiences with these priest and the Springfield hierarchy,I can only draw parallels of what is happening to the Churches here in America and come to the conclusion that more than likely this is why staunchly conservative Pope Benedict quit. Or the politically correct excuse, “retired.”  


            An established, now-retired priest, once shared with me the reasoning as to why there are no priests standing outside and leading the prayers in front of this abortion mill. He said, “Because they are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror and picking out the perfectly colored vestment for Mass”.  And in our case, they are too busy shopping for golf balls, or picking up drift wood, Fr. Jim Flach at a popular fishing hole and homosexual hangout, at midnight. These are true incidents.  Just a bunch of “prima donnas”.   In the same way, many Christians have lost sight of “self-denial” in order to be followers of Christ. If we are to take up our cross and follow Jesus, we have to take our eyes off ourselves and forfeit our lives. It is a costly sacrifice. But as it turns out, our lives are really not our own, they belong to Jesus. He made us and he bought us. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our lives. 


            Our shepherds should be teaching their flock Christian sexual ethics without compromise or apology. Of course, there will be a cost for speaking the truth, just as Fr. Steve has experienced. Truth is hate to those who hate the truth. But just as Paul warned the Corinthians not to be conformed to the pattern of the world: things are going to get hot, but not as hot as in hell. And just as the cost is the same for all of us, so too are the blessings.


            We can rest in the sense of living morally right as God wants us to live. And, as we speak the truth in love, we will flourish as God intended.


            Finally, as a parent, it frightens me to think of the destruction this culture is leaving behind to future generations who are watching. Our shepherds need to shed their cowardly acquiescence and put on the full armor of God and light the pulpits aflame once again with the truth. Remember your oath to God. If you can’t live as children of the light then shed your collars and retire. Sacrifice for Christ who sacrificed everything for us, when we deserved nothing. Our bishops are held to a higher standard and are accountable for the pasturing of the “sheep” and biblical obedience. It is a grievous sin to look the other way when false prophets are accommodating people in the pews with flesh pleasing words and prophesying peace, ease, and prosperity. God warned Israel in Ezekiel’s day that “The prophets are like foxes.” They spoil the vine and take what is best for them. They go their own way feeding their egos. Israel’s sin was about to explode with God’s wrath because they lived in sin and rebellion and Ezekiel kept trying to warn the peoples. Ezekiel 13:10 “They have seduced my people, saying, Peace, when there was not peace.”  The same is true today, but ministries as ours will be maligned for speaking and doing God’s work.                                             


            God’s wrath is being poured out on this nation, but do we have eyes to see? Ezekiel 7:23The land is full of bloodshed and violence fills the streets.” Sound familiar? I will take the most wicked of nations to take possession of their houses. Calamity upon calamity. The teaching of the law by the priest will be lost, as will the counsel of elders.  They will be clothed with despair and the hands of the people will tremble. God will deal with them according to their conduct and by their own standards God will judge them. Then they will know that God is Lord.”                                                                   


            In the end, God speaks the truth: He does not compromise. You have to go through the Cross to get to the Boss.  At this writing I can report current Bishop Paprocki is taking on this enemy of the Cross. Bishop Paprocki has taken a strong stand against gay marriage. He has been very vocal on protecting religious freedoms and Catholic Church teachings that uphold the sanctity of traditional marriage, between one man and one woman. Period.


  But, this is what the devil comes to do. To rob, to kill (abortion) and to destroy(the family),  any trace of righteousness.


  Don’t attack the messenger to divert the focus on what is really at hand,..sin.

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