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Planned Parenthood /Baby Body Parts For Sale September 10th,1999

West Frankfort, Illinois

Written & exposed by Daniel & Angela Michael Small Victories

Ghastly huh? Let me inform you, and all the recent prolife bloggers; this atrocity has been going on not only inside Planned Parenthood facilities, but our ministry exposed this “frankenstein-ish operation going on inside Hope Clinic, 16 years ago. We actually were informed by Life Dynamics founder, Mark Crutcher. We witnessed Fed-ex trucks and vans bringing coolers from inside this late term abortion mill, and picking up boxes of parts for distribution. We followed the trail to a sleepy little town in Southern Illinois, West Frankfort. We rounded up a high school youth group to help us and we took a field trip to the ghoulish facility that was receiving the body parts, and man! this story blew up overnight! We held a peaceful, prayerful vigil right in front of the building that also housed an obstetrician, and a pharmacy. Opening Lines, founded by Dr. Miles Jones and managed by Gayla Rose, was the baby-parts provider. They were comfortly nestled right smack in the middle of the building with several phone lines and a makeshift lab/ storage area. We were on the phones calling every media outlet known and informing them of this macabre market for unborn babies. The next day we were met with national media, CNN, CBS, etc. and several satellite dishes were soon in place along with reporters who shoved microphones in our faces for interviews. They were horrified and so were the townfolks. 

   Local officials contacted us and pleaded with us; explaining that they did not know this was going on in their fine town. After our return to the Hope Clinic abortion mill we stood outside with a magnified sign bearing the price list of the baby body parts for sale. The abortion mill staff was furious. At the end of our vigil, we were attacked by two abortion mill employees, Deb Weidhardt and Rebecca Smith. They followed me and my young daughter to our family van and tried to grab the sign out of our hands as we were shoving it in our van. They hit me in the back and pulled my hair but we managed to push the sign in and we both got inside and locked the doors and took off. Hope Clinic, just like Planned Parenthood, doesn’t want the public to know how disgusting and greedy they are, murdering babies for profit. Not only do they make money off the abortion, but they turn around and make more money off procuring buyers for fetal organs by representing themselves as “donors.” It’s all in the wording. And who for God’s sake is policing abortion facilities? No one.   

   Unless you can disguise your mission and wear a wire, no one would believe this atrocity is STILL going on inside abortion facilities. The sad truth is this recent expose is only a flash in the pan, so to speak. Some politicians will get face time and prolife profiteers will get their donors to send them more money, but this story, like the rest, will gradually fade from the sidewalks as ours did. As long as there is evil in the world, this injustice will go on because good people usually do nothing. They sit on the sidelines expecting someone else to do it. Just like West Frankfort, it was appalling, and the mayor and officials asked us to return to their fine town to inspect the former body parts factory, and we did after we learned that Opening Lines moved out that very night we exposed them. The only thing is, we didn’t stop it. They just relocated. Feeding lines such as Opening Lines body parts suppliers like to stay within 200 miles of an abortion facility to keep the money coming in.  Yes, it brought about publicity, and the news program 20/20 did a story on it, but it still goes on. Just like partial birth abortions. Former President Bush signed a bill making it a felony and banning this gruesome abortion procedure, but it has not saved one baby from this barbaric procedure, as this recent expose proves. The hero in all this was a small-town newspaper editor that believed in us and took a great risk by printing the truth instead of the lie that was perpetuated by abortionists and survives due to “social correctness.” This editor continued to print the truth in his newspaper for over a week, every day, in “The Daily American.” He is no longer the editor of this publication, but he can live with himself because he did the right thing.        http://www.wnd.com/1999/11/3864/


   We must keep speaking the truth, no matter the cost. But I’m afraid this story will soon fade away like the rest, due to cowardice and apathy. As for us, we will continue to fight injustice and the atrocities done to the most innocent among us.


To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.