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17 wk old baby “brutally” murdered through forced abortion    

    April 28, 2015

 Written by: Angela Michael

Granite Citys Underage Abortion Abyss 


  We no sooner arrived in Granite City, Illinois, and began setting up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion bound, when two young women bolted from their vehicle parked in front of the abortion mill. The driver was crying and very upset, her friend said “Can you help us”? I began listening to yet another horrible scenario that we have seen played out in front of this detestable slaughterhouse for decades.

  “Kelly” had rushed in her car for the past 4 hours to get to this abortion mill to try and intervene and stop the pressured late-term abortion of her grandbaby by her daughter Kaitlin. Two older women were pressuring her to get rid of this 17 week old baby. It seems the father of baby, 19 year old” Tristan,” decided he didn’t want a baby after all, and wanted to continue with his “player” lifestyle on the sunny beaches of Alabama. He threatened to send the pregnant girl back home to Missouri to raise a (possibly) autistic baby on her own if she didn’t go through with the abortion.                       


 We learned that only weeks ago Kelly was helping her 17 year old daughter pick out names and baby things anticipating “Kennedy Rose’s” arrival in October. Kelly was relishing this upcoming journey with her daughter. She took her to her doctor’s appointments and saw the first ultrasound in which they were shown a little baby floating in an ocean of amniotic fluid and “waving to us.” Kelly videotaped it. All of a sudden this girl changed. “This is not my daughter,” she tearfully cried out.   


She just found out her minor daughter, "Kaitlin,” was being forced to abort her late term baby by the 19 yr old boy's mother "Tammy Maasen" and grandmother "Helen Eckelleberry" all from Missouri. "Kelly" was in total shock. Her friend came with her during the 3.5 hour drive from Owensville, Mo. We called the police; the Missouri Attorney General, lawyers and State Representatives. No one could prevent this from happening. But boy, they sure learned the law and truths about underage abortions happening across the river in Illinois. They were appalled Hope Clinic can terminate a baby so late in the pregnancy without parent’s involvement or supervision.


The mother has the girl on her insurance and was caring for her and preparing to support this baby and daughter. She named the baby "Kennedy Rose.” The abortion staff kept taunting the mother and refused to let her be with her daughter when they arrived. They pushed her inside. We found out the boy’s mother, “Tammy Maasen," had called all around other states to get rid of this late term baby. The only state that would allow this abortion was ILLINOIS! Hope Clinic.


Things changed however, when this boy, "Tristan Maasen, moved to Alabama on the beach, and began working on this immature girl and convinced her "the baby may be autistic” of all things, “and if she kept the baby he would send her packing back to Missouri to raise the baby by herself". We did everything we could. It was so ironic, another abortion bound black woman was standing behind the devastated mother "Kelly," who was hoping to be with her daughter as she,"Kaitlin," checked in with the guard. This woman actually gave Kelly a long hug and we encouraged her to go inside and help convince the girl to come out and talk with her mother. We also asked the black woman not to kill her baby. It was so sad, and we experienced a huge feeling of helplessness. However, we kept praying. Kelly kept sending texts to her daughter, who kept cussing her out. The boy’s mother texted Kelly telling her she was a Christian and praying for Kelly and that she had to do this! In one photo its priceless as you view the mother Kelly crying after being told she can’t come inside because she spoke to "protestors,” and her daughter Kaitlin with red hair, looking at Kelly's friend, while a black woman (glasses) is holding the phone; the boy’s mother, Tammy (white shirt) and Grandmother (grey hair, purple jacket) in line and going inside. 

 Illinois is the only state that allows total strangers to kidnap underage children for 5-7 hours, severely damaging the mother /daughter relationship, murder helpless babies, then toss those same underage children to the curb into their devastated primary parent's arms who has to pick up the broken pieces while dealing with the abortion mill staff that’s screaming in her face, "You have no rights; it's her body, her choice"! This happens quite often in Granite City at Hope Clinic where the abortion mill staff’s rights to help underage kids get an abortion trumps the custodial parents’ rights. Some 4 hours later we were still making calls to officials and attorneys as we know it’s a felony for any adult to bring an underage minor from Missouri for an abortion in Illinois. But, we learned it’s a civil action. Kelly can file a civil suit against the adult women who brought her daughter. This is why I hate the state of Illinois; because of its lawlessness, and corruption. Hope Clinic makes a lot of money off it; and Hope Clinic destroys families.


  Abortionist and new mom Erin Lee King slowly pulled into the abortion mill garage where we gently rebuked her as she threw her head back laughing at us. We reminded her of the child she just bore and this poor mother’s grandbaby she would be murdering this night. She just laughed all the way inside the slaughterhouse until we heard the door slam shut. Evil.

We stayed until evening, holding up the mother and her friend. Finally we had to leave as we had responsibilities at home. We gave them instructions and safety warnings as this abortion mill is located in the ghettos of Granite City. Around 7:30 pm the death camp manager, Deb Weidhardt, with her high school diploma, came out with death camp guard Tonya Thomas. Yale security company was walking the boy’s mother, Tammy, to her car to move it closer to the front door and away from the two women left standing and holding out hope. They never returned. We surmised they were keeping this late term all night to force dilation enough to get the "Soper” forceps inside this girl’s cervix and tear her baby apart as much as they could, as her baby was too big for a vacuum suction abortion. Last word around 10 p.m. the mother Kelly and her friend were driving back home crying and so empty. Kaitlin and the women who brought her never came back out. Kelly thanked us for being there and helping them but we felt like we really didn’t do anything since the results were not in our favor. We felt helpless.

We encouraged Kelly to hold on to the ultrasound video of her grandbaby "Kennedy Rose" and the baby items she already bought. We told her to keep in touch and if she needed counseling or help filing court documents to contact us. We said we would hold her and the situation up in prayer, and that we would also pray for her daughter. Only God can fix her.


Friends, this is not an easy ministry. My heart is sooo heavy when I face these people and try to show them the preciousness of life. Sometimes it's just overwhelming. The laws in Illinois need to change. As you click on the link at the top of this article you can see the tragedies that we have endured on those sidewalks with many a mother. This Mother’s Day will be harder for many. Please keep them who are going through difficulties in your prayers. I don’t know about you, but this INSANITY in Granite City has to end. Parental rights need to be enforced and placed back in the custodial parents’ arms, not Hope Clinic. Tougher laws and enforcement only make sense. Tattoo parlors or tanning salons can’t touch your underage kid! They have to be 18, an adult! Better yet, come away from your comfort zone and embed yourselves with us in the trenches. See and learn of the truth about abortion and its divisive destruction. It is destroying the family and our nation.                                                                                                                                      Jeremiah 31:15 “ A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because her children are no more”.   

To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
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