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                                                                   “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

                                                               THE SOUL OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE

                                                                        Forward by: Angela Michael                                             

   This article was written years ago , but the sediment still holds true today. When the National Review and their posse of puppet’s comes out of the woodwork and attacks the GOP front runner, Donald Trump, because he tells the truth and says what a lot of America is screaming, you know he is being very effective and he’s a target. And yes, people are angry;  they are fed up with status quo politicians, the RINO’S standing by milking our wallets and doing nothing to stop the insanity and destruction of our country. Recently, when the Planned Parenthood videos came out on baby body parts trafficking, there was barely a ripple and we exposed that atrocity 17 years ago.   Mr. Trump is not running as a purist. He is not running as if he were God, although if God were running He would get our vote. He is running as a man , who has the heart of a warrior, and the intestinal fortitude to make America great again. When is the last time you have seen the sanctimonious National Review do anything about the immorality, the disfunction in our government, and the corruption and anarchy thriving in this nation?  And selling books does not count. Talk is cheap, and conservatism is pretend salt.
 2 Corinthians 4 :8-9




Conservatism is Pretend Salt!

By Flip Benham
  June 10, 2002

As Christians we are called to be salt and light in a world that is rotting on the inside from the consequences of sin, and attacked on the outside by an enemy (the devil) who has come to rob, kill, and destroy. The world, in all of its wisdom, is in utterly helpless and without hope in this battle - no answers, no solutions, no way! One need only listen to the talking heads and politicians of our day to realize they are clueless. The catastrophic events in the Mid-East, "9-11", bloodshed coursing down the corridors of our streets, workplaces, and schools - oh, what to do! Violence is filling our land!

It is into this hopeless, decaying world that the Church of Jesus Christ is called to bring salt and light. We do battle with the sin that destroys from within and the enemy who destroys from without. We are called to take captive our thoughts and make them obedient unto Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). Then we are called to crush the head of the enemy robbing, killing, and destroying (Gen. 3:15, Rom. 16:20).

The Church of Jesus Christ is the only institution ordained by God to fight this battle against the sin raging from within, and the devil raging from without. It is the only true salt and our only hope for victory. Unfortunately, the salt has abdicated its responsibility to be salt in the earth and light in the world. It has become good for nothing except to be, trampled under the feet of men (Matt. 5:13).

Not only are we being trampled under the feet of sworn enemies of our Lord who support abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, ad nauseum, we are also being trampled under the feet of another so-called friend - CONSERVATISM!

As our nation attempts to defeat the spirit of murder presently savaging our land, the Church of Jesus Christ has delegated the job to one who cannot win the battle. Enter modern day conservatism!

Conservatism looks like salt, talks like salt, acts like salt, seeks the vote and friendship of salt, yet, when the test of taste comes, it is revealed for what it really is - a tasteless enabler of perdition! That's right! Conservatism enables true salt to remain in the shaker while it attempts pragmatic deal making with an enemy bent on destroying God's children.

Conservatism will work hard on bills like partial birth abortion, parental notification, etc., but will never stand firm for all children whether they are six months old in the womb or two seconds old. Conservatism is a pathetic substitute for the vibrant salt of real Christianity. Conservatism poses no threat to the enemy from within (sin) or the enemy from without (the devil).

Rush Limbaugh, the penultimate conservative, has no problem supporting conservatives like Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, even though he knows her to be pro-abortion, because she is a fiscal conservative. Rush believes that conservatism is the answer to America's woes. Rush will sacrifice Christian principle to elect conservatives

"Right to Life" organizations in the state of Texas worked hard a couple of years ago getting the "parental notification" bill passed and signed into law by then Governor George W. Bush. It was hailed as a great victory for the pro-life movement. Florence Shapiro, however, the state senator who authored the bill, was Republican, conservative, and pro-abortion! Yet she is now considered a friend to the pro-life community. Conservatism thrives in this muddying of the waters.

Conservatism will confront the enemy with the evil he promotes but, on the day of battle, will always retreat. Conservatism always tries to reason and compromise with the enemy seeking some "common ground" or "reaching across the aisle." Conservatism is politics' answer to Christianity. Its modus operandi is pragmatism. Principle is abandoned and obtaining and maintaining political office is its summum bonum. In order to become more appealing these days it calls itself "Compassionate Conservatism."

If you have been watching our President and his administration lately you will note the waffling, pandering, compromising, ad nauseam of Christian principles to the god of conservatism. If conservatism is the hired gun of the Church to take on her political enemies, it is a pitiful squirt gun. How the devil must laugh! Just watch him laugh through Yasser Arafat, Ted Kennedy, the abortion industry, the radical homosexual agenda, Tom Daschel. They serve their "god" with absolute allegiance. They know that they can count on conservatism to sell her "god' for thirty pieces of silver and political office. 

The result of the Church of Jesus Christ allowing conservatism to fight the battle savaging our nation is that we are losing, but at a slower pace. Conservatism's goal is to lose as slowly as possible while maintaining office. If Al Gore will take us off a cliff at 90 mph, George W. Bush will take us off the same cliff at 45 mph. The sorry fact of the matter is, however, that we are all going off the cliff.

Conservatism is pretend salt, for it has never found a cause for which it is willing to die. It will never fight to the death the mortal enemy of God's children. Death for conservatism wipes away any hope of continuance. Life or political office must be preserved at all costs. Our Lord said, "He who seeks to save his life will lose it…" therefore, conservatism will always lose in the Gospel battle we are called to fight.

This is not so with Christianity - true salt! Christians will unapologetically fight the battle against our enemies from within and without in the Name of Jesus Christ. We hold no office so dear that the principles of our Lord would be ever be compromised or sacrificed. If we die in this battle we know that the victory is ours, for our Lord fought to the death and He now lives. He dealt the enemy a deathblow and made a public spectacle of him.

True salt will live up to the character of her Lord and be unashamed of the Name of Jesus and His Words in this wicked and sinful generation. It will stand firmly upon God's Word and let the chips fall where they may. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ. They shall, however, forever prevail against conservatism.

Conservatism is a pitiful and exquisitely deceitful substitute for Christianity. It is pretend salt!

Flip Benham
Director, Operations Save America;
Operation Rescue National

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