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Criminals Work Inside Hope Clinic, Granite City, IL

June 2018

Written by Angela Michael

(Picture from 2012)

Danyelle Hoff-Nygard, an abortion nurse inside Hope Clinic located in Granite City, Illinois, was recently caught passing herself off as a physician and writing prescriptions for narcotics for a friend at work. Danyelle Hoff-Nygard replaced former abortion mill nurse Katie Luczecky, who left suddenly last year.  We told you in the past articles, the medical community considers abortion the “red light district” in healthcare and constantly draws bad elements and B rated medical workers to their grisly practices and surgical centers. The Missouri Board of Nursing recently disciplined and published the incident and censured her license to practice. This is what ends up working and murdering babies inside Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois. Most of the employees are hirelings off the streets, trained to assist in every department including abortion procedures. Real professionals. Another former abortion mill nurse, Roxanne Landman, was disciplined and had her licensed pulled and put on probation for three years.     This would explain the constant turnover of abortion mill workers every two- 3 months, either they can’t find employment or the love of money, which is the root of all evil, and murdering babies draws them to Hope Clinic. Their consciences are seared to blood and gore, and inhumane treatment of those most innocent and weakest in society. What total hypocrisy in today’s current media drama with illegal immigrant children and children in the womb. Just like physicians, nurses take a solemn oath to preserve lives and to do no harm. What an oxymoron to murder babies for a living. Real nurses protect and save lives. But our ministry has exposed this hypocrisy and crimes at Hope Clinic for decades. Many abortion workers steal money, drugs or both, or steal prescription pads or write orders for pills for themselves or others inside abortion mills. Lots of crimes go on behind abortion mill doors. This bloody business is too lucrative and too much a temptation with so many narcotics and cash money laying round. We have witnessed many former employees being arrested for committing crimes inside Hope Clinic in Granite City, Il. Abortion mills are a haven for criminals and criminal activity. Everyone knows unless you live in a cave in Afghanistan, abortion mills are the most unregulated, self-policing, and lucrative industry in America. Many employees are unlicensed and performing medical procedures without proper training or oversight. It’s like the inmates are running the asylum, no consequences. In this case she was caught by hospital employees and the pharmacy. Hope Clinic is not the pristine professional heath center or its employees as it attempts to “window dress” itself to the sympathetic public and potential naïve customers.  Nahum 3:1 Woe to the city of blood, full of lies, full of plunder, never without victims!

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