"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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                              Written by Angela Michael

                                                         December 5, 2018


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Midwest largest late term abortion mill located in Granite City, Illinois has received another notable title, recently. For years now, we have been reporting and documenting that Missouri abortion clients are keeping “the lights on” so to say inside this baby slaughterhouse. In our almost 26 yrs. of gently preaching the gospel and helping mothers with real healthcare and baby supplies etc., and witnessing to the abortion bound, its mostly Missouri women crossing state lines and using Hope abortion Clinic as their method of birth control.  There seems to be no limit of evil and corruption that can be bought inside the state of Illinois. Illinois ranks number one in manufacturing corruption and vice.  Churches are M.I.A. when it comes to morality or loving our neighbors. Even the littlest ones. Now, since the out going Republican Governor Rauner signed into effect Jan 1, 2018 that Illinois taxpayers will be forced to pay for everyone’s abortions. Its endless. Katy bar the door!  And the city forefathers could care less as this is more income for the  s***hole Granite City, where the steel industry once kept Granite City thriving; now it’s the abortion mill. This Sunday as many Sundays, pastors will preach, church goers will sing songs, as the blood of the innocent courses through the sewer pipes underneath their churches. Not a word will be mentioned concerning the over 400, 000 babies’ innocent blood that has flowed through their streets for 44 years. This was the 2017 report and numbers are questionably lower than our data; Just imagine what the 2018 data will show us as the murder rate has sky rocketed with Illinois tax payer money.

By state: Missouri- 1820.  Yes- well over half are from Missouri. 60% actually.

Illinois 1069 - barely over a third. 35%  REMINDER: This is 2017 report


The other 5% are

Kentucky 42- 1.4%

Indiana 31 - 1%

Arkansas 21

Tennessee 15

Kansas 10

Mississippi 8

Texas 5

Iowa 4

OK and Neb 3

Florida and Unknown 2

Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Montana 1


 Hope abortion mill is more of a Missouri abortion clinic than an Illinois clinic.  It just doesn't have to follow MO laws and regulations.


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