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“SECRET” MEGA Planned Parenthood in Fairview Hts., Illinois begins dismemberment abortions and butchers another woman

December 19, 2019

Written by: Angela Michael

FIRST BUTCHERED WOMAN AT MEGA PLANNED PARENTHOOD IN FAIRVIEW HTS., ILLINOIS. It happened today, just days before our Savior’s birthday. At a time, when most people are out shopping for the “perfect gift” or enjoying festivities and the season, we are bearing witness to an act of heinous evil.  It happens every day the abortion mills are open.   We told you it was just a matter of time, when "botched abortions", would start arriving at area hospital emergency rooms from this state-of-the-art mega abortion facility in the Metro East after announcing they would be performing the first of many surgical abortions beginning the week before Christmas. Sadly, we warned everyone, it was just a matter of time botched abortions would be coming out of legal “back alley” abortion mills.  Same bad abortionists: different killing sites. Only it's legal in IL. and due to revised RHA, signed by Gov. J.B Pritzker this past June, there are no consequences to unqualified abortionist and their “shoddy” practice. That means if an abortionist maims or injures a woman in Illinois, the negligent abortionist cannot be held accountable. Even if the woman dies.

  On this sunny, cold day we had two vested sidewalk counselors and one volunteer manning the gate.  A little bit before 2 pm a police car arrived onto the parking lot. A couple minutes later a ambulance drove through and went around the building. They brought out a young woman, very pale, she was in a lot of distress. The “secret” Mega Planned Parenthood Fairview Hts., has hired the same butchers from the St Louis PP facility, that's about to close its doors, due to breaking the laws regulating abortions in MO. and putting pregnant women lives at risks, and having PP St. Louis surgical center licensed removed by the State of MO. Over 73 ambulance calls from the St Louis, MO. Planned Parenthood in recent years. Again, same bad abortionists; different killing site. And PP calls this "healthcare". This is "Back Alley" abortions, only they are LEGAL in Illinois. Anyone can perform an abortion in Illinois. You don't have to be licensed. You don’t have to be a physician. And if a woman dies during or after her abortion in Illinois, no police, no coroner, the only one notified, is the funeral home. This is just the first of what will become many calls to haul butchered women to area hospitals to save their lives from their abortionist gross negligence and malpractice. See previous post: "Secret Mega Planned Parenthood In Fairview Heights Now Dismembering Babies” www.smallvictoriesusa.com

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