"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report Jan 13-18, 2014

>   4662 Babies saved since January 2000 !  

 Tuesday Judy Angela and accomplice.jpg (239039 bytes)
Tuesday Judy, Angela, and accomplice
Hispanic accomplice's car Tuesday.jpg (128195 bytes)
Hispanic accomplice's car Tuesday
Saturday bitterly cold frozen chozen CWW.jpg (265738 bytes)
Saturday bitterly cold "frozen chozen" CWW
 Angela speaking to arrivals.jpg (171985 bytes)
Angela speaking to arrivals
Angela speaking to pregnant girl.jpg (184345 bytes)
Angela speaking to pregnant girl
Saturday first save mom and daughter.jpg (106543 bytes)
Saturday first save, mom and daughter
 CWW January 18, 2014.jpg (146604 bytes)
CWW January 18, 2014
Angela speaking to save January 18, 2014.jpg (161023 bytes)
Angela speaking to save January 18, 2014


Death Toll January 13-18, 2014
“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 39 year reign of terror

Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx 51 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research, pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from the past week’s carnage.
Tuesday-midnight abortions approx 20 killed       KY, MO, IL      2 babies saved   Cold   
            This confirms how effective our ministry is outside this abortion mill: Almost all of the abortion bound mothers and their accomplices were inside the slaughterhouse. Lately, probably since the “Moons Over My Hammy incident, the abortion mill has been mixing up their operation times on midnight abortion Tuesdays. That’s a compliment to our ministry. Love it!
            We were able to set up our outreach and speak to several more late arrivals, especially to the accomplices that kept coming out to smoke. The Hispanic looking male from Kentucky brought a pregnant girl. Real jerk! He laughed at our offers, and he described how they were going to grind that baby up inside the abortion mill, thinking it was funny. We pointed out that he could be a hero and, “help save that baby tonight.” We then pointed to his personalized “Choose Life” license plates. He said, “I save babies everyday.”But you brought a girl to kill her baby? That makes you an accomplice to murder, premeditated, and a hypocrite. You can fool people, but you can’t fool God.”  He sat in the car smoking and talking loudly to himself. We prayed.                                                                             
            A young couple stood by the entrance as we gently pleaded with them of God’s plan for their innocent baby. What happened next was a testimony. I kept talking and both the male and the female stepped closer, listening to my offers. Satan hates this, so he picked up a large, heavy sign and with a gust of wind that came from nowhere, he threw it into my leg, almost knocking me off my feet, but I kept talking to them. The pain was excruciating as I kept standing. I turned to Judy and asked her what hit me. She was shocked that I kept talking and said she couldn’t believe it, asking, “Are you okay? I heard your leg crack on impact.” I told her it felt like I was hit with a lead pipe. Kind of like the “Tonya Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan” incident. Stan ran over after witnessing this also.  “You were reaching them and the devil didn’t like it,” Stan said. He was right; this is a spiritual battle. We stand on the frontlines of the war and this is the devil’s playground. I turned around and saw the couple go in, but I loudly rebuked the devil, “I rebuke you devil in the name of Jesus Christ.” Daniel ran and got ice while the others found a chair for me to sit in.        
            A young girl from Columbia, Missouri came out and over to us on the sidewalk. Judy spoke to her while I nursed my injured leg. She felt bad for bringing a friend to abort her third child. The pregnant girl was in a very dysfunctional relationship, (don’t we hear this everyday) and the pregnant girl convinced her driver this was the best solution. The driver said, “I’m an accomplice to murder, aren’t I?”There is still time to try and talk her out of it.” We gave her literature to pass on to the pregnant girl that it wasn’t too late as the abortionist Erin King won’t be here for another two hours. Judy kept talking with her, offering her post abortive counseling and true repentance. We couldn’t believe how they make clients wait for hours to kill their babies. And just who is assisting in these abortions? They only have one nurse we know of and she is supposed to be the OR nurse, the circulating nurse, and the recovery room nurse? Sure, just like Kermit Gosnell’s “house of horrors.” The Hope(less) recovery room nurse oversees a reported 12 recovery room suites. LOL! Yeah, it all sounds so pristine and professional. In reality, the recovery room nurse is usually an aide, and that’s a stretch, who oversees, if that, 12 bloodstained, worn-out lazy-boys situated across from one another. Real state-of-the-art.
            About ten minutes to five we had our first save of the evening. An older Black woman and a young girl from Missouri came back out and confirmed they “didn’t do it.” A few minutes later another couple came back out, confirmed they were keeping their baby, and took a brochure and left. No more abortion-bound mothers arrived after that. Thank you Lord!      
Wednesday- 4 late term babies from the day before dismembered.
Thursday- CLOSED
Friday-approx 14 babies killed      MO, IL      1 baby saved     Cold, flurries
            We braved the frigid weather arriving to quickly set up our outreach to the abortion-bound mothers. Most cars were from Missouri, a few from Illinois. It wasn’t long after we began our vigil that one Black American couple came back out. They were from St. Louis. The young woman confirmed she was 10 weeks pregnant and going to keep her baby. She took our information and thanked us as she got into her car and drove off the lot. Praise God!
Saturday-approx 24 babies killed      MO, IL      2 babies saved    Church Without Walls
            In frigid temperatures and cold blustery winds, the real Church of Jesus Christ arrived and prayed up under the leadership of Pastor Todd. They then took their strategic positions outside this slaughterhouse and began praise and worship on the front walks. We held the banners high as the winds and the devil worked against us. Our pregnancy van was set up and ready. It wasn’t too long into our stand that our first saved baby of the day came walking back out and into Daniel’s arms as the church group looked on singing God’s praises. The girl confirmed she wasn’t going through with her abortion and took our brochure from Daniel. The older woman with the young girl wasn’t so happy and cursed at Daniel. They both got into their car and drove off the lot. The church group then began their Jericho March around the slaughterhouse. It was so cold, even the deathscorts were complaining how bitter it was. We had a lot of opportunities to intercept abortion-bound mothers throughout the busy morning.
            One car began pulling onto the parking lot when we met them and the passenger rolled her window down only for me to be greeted by their pit bull. I noticed the girl had been crying. I handed her a brochure and pointed to the ultrasound van; she looked and thought for a few minutes as I kept offering them another way out of their situation. The driver, a male, thanked me, then the girl began rolling the window up. I followed the car to a distant parking place behind the slaughterhouse. They got out and I asked the driver if the dog would be okay in these frigid temps. He shook his head “yes” and thanked me. I then reached out to the girl who had the weight of the world on her shoulders. I told her about God’s plan for her life and her baby’s life. The deathscorts and the troublemakers in the alley then swarmed us. It is always impossible to counsel or save a baby when this happens. Everyone began screaming at the couple. Total chaos. I walked away giving it to the Lord.  You can’t fix stupid.  I got in the van to warm up a bit when local law enforcement arrived, and got out to see what was going on. “Someone touched someone,” blah, blah...it’s like babysitting adult-sized kids.
            I then met a couple on the walkway by the rosary group. Deathscorts surrounded them. I began offering them a free ultrasound and resources and the option of adoption. I kept talking of God’s plan for their lives when a couple of people began screaming over my shoulder to the couple. On Saturdays there is no order; it’s basically a free-for-all outside this abortion mill. No one takes correction. My former co-worker arrived and flew inside the slaughterhouse garage. I was able to meet him as the door opened and slowly came down, but not until I gently rebuked him for what he is doing. “Yogi, we used to bring life into this world together, now you destroy those precious lives. Yogi, Hell is a real place. I don’t want to see you burn in Hell. Stop killing the babies, Yogi.” The door closed and he went inside. The death camp director and only nurse inside the slaughterhouse had arrived about 45 minutes earlier and tore around the corner to get inside the slaughterhouse. Maybe one of the other employees butchered a mother before Tamara Therlkeld or Yogendra Shah could arrive. Who knows.
            After we left for the day, we were informed of another save five minutes after we pulled from the curb. The couple I spoke with by the rosary group came back out and confirmed to one of our volunteers that she kept her baby. She declined any offers of assistance from the volunteer, but thanked her for her well wishes. Praise God!     

Approx 58 babies killed, 5 babies saved, 4,662 babies saved since January 2000
and 44 babies have been adopted through Small Victories.

Year in Review
            Our daily ministry witnessed the executions of approx 2,699 babies in the past year. We rejoiced with approx 266 babies scheduled to be aborted that were saved in our ultrasound van and on the sidewalks surrounding this slaughterhouse. We had our 44th adoption of a saved baby this past July. We witnessed the conversions of several abortion clients/accomplices and former employees. Please keep them in your prayers as the devil is relentless. The employee turnover inside Hope Clinic remains high. Every two months we witness the turnover of more workers. Either they get caught stealing, drugging, or worse.  Many times former employees witness or participate in botched abortions, and the director or administrator terminates them. No witnesses, no lawsuits. A lot of the former employees have personally told us that they “can’t stomach what goes on inside Hope Clinic.” All employees must participate in the abortion procedures and assist in various capacities.  The one prerequisite, in order to work at Hope Clinic, is that all employees must have undergone an abortion in their lifetime.                                                
            Yale Security has also seen a high turnover with supplying the deathcamp guards. They replace guards almost on a yearly basis. Hope Clinic has replaced at least three this past year. The current one is female. The last female guard was warned of her complicity in the murders of innocent babies, and she scoffed at the idea. A few months later her young son was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting. She was never the same after the murder of her son and she quit her job. This slaughterhouse remains open five days a week, but only kills on three.
            This is a blessing when you consider that several years ago they were killing six days a week and had three abortionists inside, at one time. Our records show in an annual report the demise of approx 13,104 babies in one year. On average 32-50 babies were murdered a day inside Hope Clinic at one time. The death toll has dropped over 75% due to our ministry’s efforts, prayers, and God’s grace. This is the Lord’s work. He only asks that we show up, which this ministry has for the past 21 years. The best part is our ministry has never charged anyone $200.00 dollars to stand outside the abortion mill and pray, unlike the racket 40 Days for Life does. Why charge people money to do what God has already ordained the Church of Jesus Christ to do?  Just doesn’t make sense. We do it for FREE.
            This coming week will mark a day that will live in infamy, as tragic as the Pearl Harbor tragedy back in 1941 where thousands of lives were lost to a terrorist act…Still this tragedy doesn’t compare when you realize that January 22, 1973-2014 marks 41 years of abortion with the loss of over 57, 000,000 babies in the war on the preborn.
            “Father God, please forgive me and forgive our nation for it’s sloughfulness, selfishness, and depravity. Forgive us, Lord, for trying to live without You. I know You as my Lord and Savior and that Your Son Jesus paid the ultimate price for all my sins. Help me to walk always in Your ways and to follow in Your desires for my life.”
Psalms 33:12
  In Jesus Name I pray,


To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictories@juno.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
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