"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report May 26-31, 2014

>   4767 Babies saved since January 2000 !  

Saturday remnant 5-31.jpg (387259 bytes)  
Saturday remnant 5-31
Male accomplice convincing pregnant girl to kill baby.jpg (699658 bytes)
Male accomplice convincing pregnant girl to kill baby
Baby Killer Sonja Perez.jpg (609780 bytes)
Baby Killer Sonja Perez
girl in green saved baby.jpg (657991 bytes)  
girl in green saved baby
Deb Weidhardt deathcamp manager.jpg (482822 bytes)
Deb Weidhardt deathcamp manager
Tuesday lineup 5-27.jpg (689898 bytes)
Tuesday lineup 5-27
lineup 5-27.jpg (757044 bytes)  
lineup 5-27
Woman who saved her baby thanking Angela.jpg (667288 bytes)
Woman who saved her baby thanking Angela
woman seeking ultrasound.jpg (726870 bytes)
Woman seeking ultrasound
save leaving 5-27.jpg (710282 bytes)  
save leaving 5-27
Angela helping save with supplies.jpg (556147 bytes)
Angela helping save with supplies
Angela pleading mercy for the babies.jpg (614519 bytes)
Angela pleading mercy for the babies
girl in grey saved baby.jpg (612947 bytes)  
girl in grey saved baby
save leaving 5-31.jpg (728806 bytes)
save leaving 5-31

Death Toll May 26-31, 2014

“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 40 year reign of terror


Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx 24 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research, pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from the past week’s carnage.


Tuesday-midnight abortions approx 26 babies killed IN2,TN,CO,MO,IL. 4 babies saved

 No sooner than our ministry arrived in the City of Slaughter and quickly set up, abortion bound mothers and their accomplices began filling up the parking lot. The lineup began all the way from the entrance of the slaughterhouse to the alley. Sickening knowing what was about to happen to innocent babies. Some mothers were obviously further advanced in their pregnancies; more money for the abortion mill and the baby killers. One baby killer and unlicensed anesthetist, “Sonja Perez” from So. Roxana, Illinois, up by Wood River area, came out of the slaughterhouse and stood by the entrance trying to cheer up a young underage looking couple of teens contemplating their unborn child’s fate.


Reportedly, Sonja Perez, an off the street hireling with 2 mo. experience,  is heavy-set and lays on top of the sedated mothers who wiggle or try to get off the table once the abortionist begins dismembering the unborn babies.  


  We began in prayer asking God for wisdom and His words to flow from our mouths.  And He delivered. Abortion clients and their drivers began turning around and listening, one man walked towards us to hear better. We warned them of the holocaust at hand, how precious life is and the consequences of sin. We shared of how God had a plan for their lives and their unborn babies. Some of the women were obviously late term and we offered they could probably feel their babies moving and stirring in their wombs. This spectacle drew the attention of people walking across the street by the hospital. They came over to inquire. The women could not believe how many women were standing in line to kill their babies. It was sickening as one witness commented. The passerby’s thought there was a “sale” and this was a store or something. Yes, they are death merchants inside Hope Clinic and they sell murder to the mothers. They thanked us for our stand and ministry.                                                                                                                       

   A SV save stopped by to pick up some baby supplies she would be needing. She was very grateful.  Another woman came over seeking an ultrasound.  We went over preliminaries and scanned and referred her to our staff obstetrician to follow up with prenatal care. She and her friend thanked us as they left. A mother and daughter came back out and we were able to give them our literature as they confirmed they were keeping their baby and drove off..                                                                                     


  Abortionist Erin King arrived around 4:15 pm and pulled into the abortion mill garage laughing at the volunteers standing and praying for her.  Remember the man who came a little closer earlier in the afternoon to hear our warnings and pleadings? Well, he came out and made a point to tell our volunteers they “saved their baby after listening to us”. They were from Missouri.  A prayer warrior informed us that the young couple standing in line left the abortion mill out a back door. Praise God! They never returned during our watch. Around 5:00 pm the first abortion client from Indiana came back out.  She started the late term procedure 4 hrs ago, and was having much difficulty in walking to the car for Day 1 of the grisly procedure.  Another mother and daughter came out confirming they changed their minds and were keeping their baby and drove off the lot.


Wednesday-approx 5 late term babies dismembered from the afternoon /evening before.




Friday-approx 15 babies killed NC,MO,IL. 1 baby saved


   We arrived and quickly set up our outreach to the abortion bound. We began in prayer and God shortly afterwards began blessing our prayers and efforts. “Maria and Mike from Ellisville, Missouri came back out and confirmed they were 8 weeks pregnant and keeping their baby. Praise God!


Saturday- “MISSOURI MASSACRE” approx 29 babies murdered 20 from MO., WI,KY,IA,IL. 2 babies saved


   Astonishing and infuriating at the same time to witness so many Missourians crossing state lines to murder their unborn babies and dump them here in Illinois. I should have a toll booth.  Missouri may take claim as being a conservative red state, but they are murdering their babies at a higher rate here in Illinois. read  Missouri's Gain, Illinois Loss

  We witnessed a couple standing behind the slaughterhouse hugging and the girl was crying she didn’t want to do it, but the jerk holding her kept persuading her it was the “best thing to do”. We tried to intervene telling her how many couples break up after they kill a baby.. the male wanted nothing to do with the truth, he wanted out of the responsibility of raising a kid. A few minutes later a van from Iowa pulls up with a Amish couple exiting into the deathscorts arms. Shocking right? No, we witness more Christians / religious people killing babies than non-Christians. The Church in America is pathetic. Anemic sermons and man pleasing pastors/ priests. Read  “Do Amish People Kill Their Babies?” at smallvictoriesusa.com


  One Missouri couple came back out and confirmed they were keeping their baby and pulled off the lot and drove away. A few minutes later a SV save pulled up along side our ultrasound van. As they were exiting their vehicle, the deathscorts walked over and  began offering to “ take them inside the abortion clinic”   The female passenger was very pregnant , she is due next month.. she told them “No, I kept my baby”, and they looked befuddled. We called the deathscorts out.  “Do you think all black people are here to kill their babies”?  “That’s racist!” , we told them. We pointed out the fact that all the Hope Clinic deathscorts are Caucasian. That should tell you about Margaret Sanger, the mother of Planned “Barren” hood and her dream for Black Americans. 

    Abortionist Dr. Erin Lee King slowly pulled around the corner and into the slaughterhouse garage to begin the butchering.


Approx 70 babies killed, 7 babies saved, 4,767 babies saved since January 2000 and
babies have been adopted through Small Victories


   Women Need Jesus..Not Abortion


 This is the only answer to solve the abortion problem and the violence that our nation is entrenched in.  The repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. As the Church changes its heart toward unborn children, God Himself will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and bring healing to our land.        II Chronicles 7:14     


  We believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer to the abortion holocaust. It is upon our active repentance on the streets and high places where innocent children are dying, that the Gospel is visibly lived out. We become to the church, to our city, and to our nation living parables which rightly represent God’s heart toward His helpless children. There are no political solutions to the holocaust presently ravaging our nation. Abortion is preeminently a Gospel issue. The Cross of Christ is the only solution.


  Brethren, these babies are made in God’s image; are we not our brother’s keeper?  Their innocent blood cries out from the very ground for justice.


   How can we change what WE are not willing to confront?


    Standing for Life,..not just 40 days, but everyday children are dying.


To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictoriesusa1@gmail.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.