"Children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward..."

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Street Report  Oct 6-11, 2014

>   4865 Babies saved since January 2000 !  

Old and plump deathscorts.jpg (720514 bytes)  
Old and plump deathscorts
Really old deathscorts.jpg (559416 bytes)
Really old deathscorts
Yogendra Shah retires building for sale.jpg (517088 bytes)
Yogendra Shah retires building for sale
Old deathscort.jpg (674849 bytes)  
Old deathscort
save and friend recieving ''luv bucket''.jpg (674071 bytes)
save and friend receiving ''luv bucket''
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save viewing ultrasound 10-7
Ambassadors for Christ.jpg (668814 bytes)  
Ambassadors for Christ
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the lineup 10-7
Kentucky  older driver and young girl.jpg (443945 bytes)
Kentucky older driver and young girl
Iowa accomplice.jpg (654882 bytes)  
Iowa accomplice
Save coming inside van for ultrasound.jpg (656196 bytes)
save coming inside van for ultrasound

Death Toll October 6-11, 2014

“Rescuing babies, saving lives, one heart at a time”
 Reporting from the war zone, the killing fields of Granite City, Illinois
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the late-term baby dumping mill.
Casualty Count: Over 400,000 mother-child relationships in their 40 year reign of terror


Monday- Bag n’ Tag approx 42 babies were bagged and tagged for medical research, pharmaceutical labs, and cosmetic firms from this past week’s carnage



Tuesday- 18 babies killed, KY,IA,MO,IL.  3 babies saved ultrasounds


    This afternoon outside the GC abortion mill, disheartedly, a lot of late terms. We quickly set up our pregnancy outreach to the abortion bound mothers. The male accompanying the Iowa girl and an older woman, began threatening us as we offered her other options. The Kentucky girl was advanced in her pregnancy, too. An older woman brought her also. We warned of how dangerous undergoing a late term abortion is and the several documented  “botched abortions”, we have witnessed at this slaughterhouse. “Some mothers leave on stretchers: some in body bags”, we warned. BAM! God began blessing our efforts and prayers. At different times two girls came inside our ultrasound van to view their babies. “Amber” came with a couple friends and was nervous, but we quickly calmed her down and scanned an approx 16.5 wks baby girl auditioning for her life on the screen. We went over physician follow up and resources our ministry can help her with and we presented her with a pink “love bucket” . She was thrilled people cared enough to help her on the spot. Praise God!


We just sterilized the equipment when another Illinois save came over and came inside the ultrasound van. We scanned and there on the screen “Paula” got her first peek at the miracle growing inside her. This was her first pregnancy. She was unsure about everything. She teared up when she saw the baby float up to the screen . You could see this little ones orbits and tiny tips of her hands. She was approx 5 wks. We watched the heartbeat flashing on the screen. She began crying tears of joy. “I’m keeping it!” she said. We went over resources and she would be following up with one of our staff obstetricians. She was so happy . She hugged us and promised to keep in touch with us as she walked back to her car and drove off the lot. Thank you Jesus!  Prayer warriors reported to us, that two Missouri girls came out and confirmed saving their 12 wk old baby while we were inside the van scanning and drove off the parking lot. Praise God!         



Wednesday- 3 late term babies returned to be dismembered from day before.




Friday-approx 15 babies killed, MO11, IL4, 1 baby saved    Rain, storms


  We arrived and quickly set up as the skies opened. It was pouring. We kept offering abortion bound mothers another way and other options. As we have reported, Missouri is the biggest contributor of shedding innocent blood and dumping the babies here in Illinois. Over 60 % of  murdered babies are from Missouri. And now, that the 72 hr waiting period for an abortion in Missouri law went into effect, we will continue to witness more Missourians coming across the river to murder and dump their babies. Our work load has only increased. Please pray for us.  BAM! It didn’t take long until God began blessing our efforts. “Tasha” and her friend from Missouri came back out and took a brochure from us and confirmed she was 8 wks pregnant and keeping her baby. This is what a save is. This is not a “turnaround”, as some prolife profiteers report.  A “turnaround” is a unconfirmed female who leaves an abortion facility.  Lord knows, that “turnaround” could be getting birth control pills, RU-486, a post abortion check up or std testing . A “save” is a mother who changed her mind on aborting her baby and confirms either by ultrasound or communication.


Saturday-approx 17 babies killed  NY,TX,MO,IL.  


   Yes, it’s confirmed. Abortionist Yogendra A. Shah has put his medical practice up for sale ! We picketed many years outside his Ob/Gyn office across from the G.C High School . Yogi tried to kill Daniel with his car one day and we sued him. We won! Yogi threatened us again and charged us with causing a pregnant woman’s water to break due to our graphic signs (LOL) as we advertised for free his moon lighting job on the other side of town. Again we prevailed in the courts.  So many memories ,J well, I would be a lot happier if Yogi would retire from murdering babies . But, as he has reported to staff nurses, “ he can make more money murdering four babies than delivering one baby and getting woke up in the middle of the night”. Jerk! Keep praying for him and his salvation.


  Back to business, we noticed most if not all the deathscorts from Missouri were around 60 yrs old, radical liberal , some from Eden Theological seminary in Webster Groves, and  Metropolitan Gay Community Church over in downtown St. Louis. We have picketed several times at either places of   wickedness.  Pretty quite morning as the deathscorts out numbered the abortion clients. Sad,.the weather suited the mood outside the slaughterhouse.    



   Approx 50 babies killed, 4 babies saved, 4,865 babies saved since January 2000 and
46 babies have been adopted through Small Victories


                   October Is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month


   In honor of our babies and all babies ever wanted, loved and lost; 

      “Special babies live on in the hearts of those that love them”.

            We remember and hold you close in our hearts, everyday.


 Be encouraged,



To support and encourage Daniel and Angela please contact them - 
smallvictoriesusa1@gmail.com (email), 618-654-5800 (phone), 
or write them Small Victories P.O. Box 143 Highland, IL 62249.